Snovio cashback program

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When you purchase any Snovio subscription (monthly or annual), you get 3% of your purchase back to your account balance in SNOV tokens.

What are SNOV tokens?

Basically the SNOV token is a special Snovio cryptocurrency for operations inside the service. At the moment it is possible to buy plans for SNOV tokens with a 30% discount, and also SNOV will be used for all transactions in the upcoming Marketplace and Snovian.Space platform.

You can find a more detailed explanation about SNOV tokens here>>

The number of SNOV tokens which you get as a cashback is calculated according to the current exchange rate. Please check links to exchanges here>>

When your balance reaches 200 SNOV, you can withdraw these tokens to your wallet.

For this purpose, please, set up your ETH wallet. A good wallet to use is My Ether Wallet.

Wait for some time for your request to get verified.

After verification, the SNOV tokens will be sent to your wallet and you will get a notification via email.

What is a cryptocurrency wallet? Please see here>>

Read a detailed instruction how to buy SNOV tokens here>>

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