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What is the SNOV token

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The SNOV token is Snovio’s own cryptocurrency.

SNOV tokens are used for an internal accounting between customers, the platform, and contributors. As well as rewarding users for adding data to, and updating data in the system. Contributors are rewarded with SNOV tokens for adding new data to the system, which is purchased by other users. At any given moment, each SNOV token gives access to one ten-millionth part of the entire database of contacts.

Data customers can use SNOV tokens to place an order in the Marketplace or contact profiles in Snovian.Space.

Snov is also used to purchase data for lead generation purposes, verify data, use mailing services and search for technologies through the site.

Customers who subscribe to’s services get a discount for paying in Snov.

The token’s value for services will be calculated based on the current SNOV token rate against the US dollar.

SNOV is an ERC-20 token. That means that SNOV was created on the Ethereum blockchain and can be stored in an Ethereum wallet the same as any other ERC-20 token.

Also, as with any other cryptocurrency, SNOV is tradable.

There is a circulating supply of 405,001,426 SNOV and a total supply of 651,129,644 SNOV.

You can buy/sell SNOV on the following exchanges:








and (ETH only)

We have to warn you that cryptocurrencies are risky investments.

Please, read our disclaimer before making transactions

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