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Where can I find the SNOV tokens I’ve purchased during the token sale?

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I did not set up my wallet. What can I do now?

If you did not set up your wallet during the token sale, please contact Evgeny Medvednikov by email We closed access to the Token Sale member area on December 26, but there is no need to worry, we have all the necessary info about the transactions.

Why can’t I log in to the Token Sale Member area?

On December, 26 the member area for our token sale was closed. There was no practical need to maintain this part of our website and it was stopped, nevertheless, it was extremely useful for purchasing and tracking SNOV tokens before you got them in your wallet. SNOV is an Ethereum ERC-20 token which is stored on the Ethereum blockchain, so the Token Sale Member Area did not store anything, all the transactions can be seen on Ethereum blockchain.

Have I lost my tokens?

The Member area did not contain the tokens. It just reflected the information from Ethereum’s blockchain: how many transactions were made, how many tokens were purchased and whether they were already sent.

Where can I see my tokens now?

If you paid with ETH, the SNOV tokens were sent almost instantly to the address you specified in your member area, so now you can find them in your Ethereum ERC-20 compatible wallet.

If you paid with any other cryptocurrency, the tokens were to be sent to your specified wallet after the end of the token sale.

Now, as the token sale is over, we recommend referring to your wallet in order to find the necessary information about the tokens you purchased.

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