Why email drip campaign might not send

You’ve created your email campaign and everything looks wonderful, but for some reason, your campaign isn’t sending? Don’t worry. There are a few ways you can fix it. 🤗

If your email campaign isn’t sending as expected, in most cases, you just need to wait a little while for the platform to process the campaign. It takes some time to connect to the sender account and receive confirmation that the connection is successful.

Sometimes, this problem can occur when you have too many active campaigns sending at the same time from one sender account.

The waiting time also depends on the total load on the platform and the number of campaigns launched by snov.io users. There are peak hours when the campaigns are particularly active, and those are difficult to predict. 

Besides, the campaign might not be sending due to certain issues related to scheduling, email account limits, or campaign settings. To troubleshoot these issues, please check the following prompts:

1. Set time zones for specific schedules.

When you schedule your campaign and set its duration, make sure you specify the right day and time according to the prospect’s time zone. The campaign might not be starting because of the difference in time.

Note: Both campaign duration and scheduling should be set in the same time zone. 

2. Check email sending limits for your account. 

When sending an email campaign with Snov.io, you need to know the daily limits for sending emails. If you exceed them, your campaign won’t run until the next day. Find out more about email sending limits in this article

3. Fill in missing variables.

Your email campaign may also get stuck because of undefined variables. If you’re sending messages to prospects without the necessary variables, your contacts will appear in the To-Check tab right in the campaign dashboard. Learn how to deal with it here

4. Check your recipients.

In the left-side menu of your email campaign, check whether you’ve ticked the Do not send to options: Unverified emails or Unverifiable (Risky). Then check if the recipients from your list have verified email addresses. If their email addresses are not verified, your campaign cannot be sent. You need to verify them first. 

If you’ve fixed the above-mentioned issues, but your email campaign still hasn’t started after half an hour, contact our Customer Care Team, we will check if there are any other reasons for a delay and help with any questions. 

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