Zebra plan features and conditions

Zebra plan was created specifically to offer Snov.io users a complete prospecting and outreach service so you can devote your time to more important things. It was created in partnership with Zebra Digital marketing agency.

Here’s a short description of Zebra plan features and conditions.

When you purchase this plan, you receive:

  • A custom strategy for business growth
    Zebra professionals will develop a growth plan based on your needs, whether it’s B2B sales, event promotion, recruitment, or any other goal. To build the best strategy, Zebra experts will take into account your targeting, preferred prospecting channels, tone of voice, business goals, timeframe, etc.
  • Prospecting services according to your ICP
    Includes prospecting on LinkedIn, by domain, and through Snov.io, as well as email verification using Snov.io Email Verifier.
  • Copywriting services for 2 email sequence variants complete with follow-ups
    You receive a ready-to-use email campaign complete with follow-ups written by experienced copywriters according to your campaign goals.
  • Email account set-up
    Zebra’s team of email marketing professionals will set up your sender account to ensure perfect campaign deliverability. This includes technical delivery optimization, email blacklist removal, new email/domain set-up (if needed), and connecting your account to Snov.io for sending.
  • Email warm-up
    Your sender account and IP will be warmed up according to the campaign size and email volume. This will help guarantee good deliverability and preserve high sender reputation.
  • Curated launch and recipient inflow
    Zebra’s team will build and launch your email campaign and add 100+ hand-picked prospects to the campaign every day.
  • Snov.io M plan
    With every purchase you will receive a Snov.io M plan. It includes 10,000 unique recipients and 5,000 credits. Learn more about M the plan here

When you purchase a Zebra plan, you agree with Zebra’s Terms and Conditions, and understand that your user info, excluding payment credentials, will be shared with Zebra Digital. Once the payment is received, the plan will be applied to your account and Zebra Digital representative will contact you with further steps. 

Check out our pricing to purchase this plan and see the rest of Snov.io plans.

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