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How It Works

Credit your account with SNOV

To place a request you need to have SNOV tokens in your account. You can buy SNOV tokens with your credit card or transfer them from your ETH wallet.*

If your request isn't completed, the SNOV tokens will be returned to your balance and you will be able to withdraw them to your ETH wallet.


Post a request

Place your search request for the prospect contacts you require and set a reward in SNOV tokens.

Add specific criteria to narrow down targeted groups of prospects and select fields to be completed by data contributors.

Create a request

Get a result

As soon as data contributors complete your request, you can check and download the list of prospects’ contact data. Contributors will receive a reward only after you approve the list.

Check your request status in the insert_drive_file My Requests section.

Snovio Marketplace Advantages


If a request wasn't completed or not all prospect records were added, tokens will be returned on your account.

Result validation

After the request is completed, you have 3 days to check the results, then approve them or submit a complaint.

Realtime notifications

You will receive notifications with all important updates to your request status.

Snovio does not charge a commission for request placement. Snovio Marketplace allows direct payments between clients and data contributors, who get rewarded for the requests they complete.

* Smart contract is under development

about the marketplace

Snovio Marketplace helps connect freelancers, data researches, marketing experts and employers. Smart contracts, trust scoring and rewards are backed up by blockchain technology to ensure trust and eliminate errors in fulfilling orders.

Marketplace is a freelance system where any type of marketing task can be completed, from finding talent to writing email sales copies. Anyone who wants to outsource data research and outreach may also request Graphic Design, Content Writing and Consulting Assistance.


Marketplace features


Quick ETA since many agents can work on the same gig


Escrow and dispute solving by moderators


Reputation system based on SNOV token and work record

Full range of orders


-Data Mining with custom data fields

-Finding contact information of specific industries or people

-Building Email lists

-Creating email templates

-Writing cold emails

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Snovio (SNOV)

SNOV token is an indicator of belonging to the Snovio service. This crypto-token is the fuel required for interaction with the platform’s functionality.

Data customers use SNOV tokens to place an order in the marketplace, purchase data for lead generation purposes, verify data, use mailing services and search for technologies through the site.

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