We reduced our cost per lead while collecting over 80,000 leads in a month.

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Why do businesses choose Snov.io?

Snov.io is the sales platform for scaling your business. Be it lead generation, cold outreach, sales management or customer re-engagement, you can rely on Snov.io to do it better.
And the numbers prove it.

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Konstantin Dubovitskiy
Konstantin Dubovitskiy - Firstbase
"Snov.io is extremely easy to use and has one of the fastest learning curves."
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Adrian Kempiak
Adrian Kempiak - Neadoo
"With properly prepared campaigns the response rate is incredible, usually at 75-80%. Add to this countless hours saved that we usually wasted searching for correct emails."
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Elaine Chen
Elaine Chen - AMPXELL
"I see an 80% increase in efficiency. Starting from zero, I ended up finding more and more leads and closing multiple deals using Snov.io."
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Roman Hu
Roman Hu - Omnipart
"Today, we use Snov.io’s email search tools to find accurate, high-quality prospects and send personalized cold outreach campaigns. So far, the results we get with Snov.io have been more than satisfactory."
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Luiz Octavio Maule Reis
Luiz Octavio Maule Reis - Populus Sales
"Snov.io is the most complete platform for cold email and prospecting strategy! It speeds up the process and turns possible future revenue into actual present."
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Guilherme Lacerda and Thiago Rodrigues
Guilherme Lacerda and Thiago Rodrigues
"We’re amazed with the accuracy of leads found by Snov.io. Our team is finally confident in our prospects and can offer them more personalized solutions."
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Simon Leeming
Simon Leeming - DMS
"As a direct impact of reducing the prospecting time between 10 and 20% per rep, prospecting meetings have increased in excess of 30% over the last 12 months."
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Sundeep Reddy
Sundeep Reddy - Growth Hackers
"Open rate is the most important metric for us, and we consistently hit 40% open rates with emails scraped with Snov.io."
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Colm Ryan
Colm Ryan - Assay Genie
"With Snov.io Email Drip Campaigns designed for automated email sequences, we could finally put our outreach process back on the rails and gain more customers in less time."
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André Santos
André Santos - Koncepto
"Before Snov.io, our challenge was to generate leads quickly and in bulk while keeping our bounce rate as low as possible."
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Marta Zabłocka
Marta Zabłocka - InStream Group
"We saw the biggest value of Snov.io in the possibility of automating our lead generation process."
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Paulo Milreu
Paulo Milreu - Inteligência Digital
"Our goal is to expand the use of Snov.io in the company, placing it as a key tool for our expansion and growth plan."
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Anton B
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"Amazing email automation"
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Guru L
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"The Most Robust eMail Outreach Tool for Freelance Copywriters"
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Rokkam L
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"The #1 go to tool for every marketer"
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Charlie T
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"Great all-in-one"
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Dan Y.
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"A pioneer"
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G M Helal A.
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"Best LinkedIn data scraper I have used"
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Cihan M.
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"Has lots of features "
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Verified Reviewer
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"The most useful platform for marketers and other professionals"