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Fill your funnel with quality targeted leads and carry them to a conversion easier with our CRM toolbox


Discover more sales opportunities and fill your funnel.

Spend less time on finding leads and more on converting them. Not only can you fill your sales funnel with targeted leads faster with automated lead generation and bring down the price-per-lead, but the quality of your new and existing contacts is now easy to control with our 7-tier verification, meaning campaign deliverability as high as 98%.

Try for free. Better opportunities await!

Increase engagement with effective nurturing and automated outreach.

Scale your outreach with personalized triggered email drip campaigns that engage and convert. Whether you’re looking to accelerate your cold outreach, nurture leads to boost conversions, schedule campaigns for existing clients, automate follow-ups or track email engagement right from your Gmail, gives you all the tools you need.

Send your first campaign today and watch your replies grow with our professionally crafted email templates.


Research leads and competitors to stay ahead of the competition.

Discover full company profiles, see the technologies behind your competitors and leads, and monitor your brand mentions to collect data essential to your growth and help your sales team present your product better.

Test our research tools to see what sets you apart from your competition and discover new ways to convert.

Sync across platforms with powerful integrations.

Power up your tool set with over 2,000+ integrations to boost efficiency and always stay in control. Connect your account to customer support platforms, multi-channel marketing apps, CRMs, productivity tools and more to build an efficient sales funnel and control your sales process better.

Want to integrate our sales tools directly into your own platform? You can with our powerful API. Create an unforgettable experience for your leads and skyrocket your revenue.


Integrate with your favourite apps.

Sync your data to and from over 2,000+ sales and marketing tools, teamwork apps, forms, customer support platforms, social media and more for complete workflow control

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Elevate your results, whatever the goal use cases range from sales to PR to funding search, meaning an all-in-one solution for any niche.

Cold outreach that works

Cold outreach that works

Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, better reply and conversion rates are just around the corner. Find targeted leads anywhere, personalize at scale, set behavioral triggers, and never worry about deliverability.

Onboard smarter, not harder

Onboard smarter, not harder

Create automated onboarding sequences that will guide clients through your solution, minimize churn, and grow customer loyalty and LTV.

Reach any PR goals

Reach any PR goals

From finding the right person to contacting media outlets, getting coverage is easier than ever. Personalize your messages and automate to save time and get more attention.

Find the perfect candidate

Find the perfect candidate

Enhance your talent pool and fill vacant positions faster. Find online profiles of the perfect candidates on LinkedIn, GitHub, Moz, StackOverflow, Indeed, Behance, Upwork and Google in a couple of clicks.

Build a healthy link profile

Build a healthy link profile

Improve your website rankings and reputation by developing a diverse backlink profile. Contact blogs and publications in your niche directly for guest blogging and exposure opportunities.

Secure funding for your startup

Secure funding for your startup

Find and contact investors and VCs directly, automate sending of investor pitches and follow-ups to stay top-of-mind, and schedule meetings with a personalized drip campaigns.


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With over 150,000 thriving companies on board, continues helping businesses grow. Here's what our users say about their experience.


"Our sales revenue has grown by 18% since we started using"

Joey Mallat


"With we discovered new ways of lead generation."

Ramzi Barkat


"With our response rate has grown 900%."

Fatma Ezzahra Amrani


"With in just one week we sent out 500 emails with an incredible 86% open rate that led to 177 scheduled interviews."

Ross Nazarenko


" helped us collect more than 80,000 leads in a month, accelerating our search for emails while reducing the cost per lead."

Dmitry Chervonyi


"We needed something that would help us automate, send emails just in time, yet feel personalized and human. We started looking for a solution, and we found"

Sofiia Shvets


"’s Email Finder reduced the time it took us to find email addresses by almost 50% and the lead generation efforts by 20%."

Jaswant Singh


"We managed to collect 35,000+ emails, including elusive leads from companies we could never reach out to before."

Aleksandr Usoltsev


"One of our clients got 23 email meetings scheduled from just 117 emails sent with"

Deepak Shukla


"We needed an additional contact channel, and discovering has allowed us to boost our conversion rate, both contact-to-reply and contact-to-call."

Kirill Rozhkovskiy


"The open rate for the emails sent to leads collected and verified with tools went from 25% to 73% in just one month, which resulted in 95 business meetings with potential customers."

Ricard Colom


" frees up more time for us to work on our projects and do more research on high-interest prospects. The platform overall consistently saves us hours of time - both on lead generation and drip outreach."

Daisy Lee


"Since we’ve started using [], we’ve increased our prospecting productivity by over 10,000%, collecting 200,000+ company leads and 400,000+ contact emails."

Haohui Deng


"[When] it comes to big websites, employing multiple people, it's especially important to reach out to the right person. This is where helped us stand out."

Sirio Küpper

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is is an all-in-one CRM for sales and marketing offering a variety of tools for lead generation, email outreach, pipeline management, and closing deals.
  • What plans does offer and how do they differ? offers a Freemium plan and five advanced plans designed to suit any team size and demands. All our tools (Sales CRM, Email Finder, Email Verifier, Drip Campaigns, and extensions) are unlocked on all plans. Integrations, data export and bulk features are available on all paid plans.
  • How can I spend my credits and recipients?

    Credit is a payment unit you can spend on the platform to use Email Verifier and Email Finder tools. Email recipients are used in the Email Drip Campaigns tool. You can discover what 1 credit can buy you here. 1 recipient stands for 1 contacted person (regardless of the number of emails sent to that person).
  • Does integrate with my CRM? perfectly integrates with HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Zoho. We’re constantly working on adding more integrations. also offers its own free CRM that is sufficient for your needs.
  • What types of payment do you accept?

    All payments are processed by a third-party payment processing service. It currently offers the following options:

    - Visa

    - MasterCard

    - Discover

    - American Express

    - Diners

    - JCB

    - PIN debit cards with Visa or MasterCard

    - debit cards with Visa or MasterCard

    - PayPal

    and others depending on your country.
  • Will my plan renew automatically?

    You can cancel or turn on automatic renewal any time.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel the automatic renewal of your plan at any time for any reason. Go to your account. In the Account section, go to the Billing tab and select the on option in the Automatic renewal section.
  • Can I save the remaining credits?

    Yes, there is a sure way to save the remaining credits for the next month. When you purchase a monthly plan, you get a set amount of credits for one month. This means that all unused credits will expire in 30 days after a plan was purchased. Here’s the deal: if you purchase a new monthly plan before your credits expire (even 1-day counts), they will be saved for your new billing period.
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