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With more than 27.305 titles of site technology and over a quarter of a billion websites in our database create bulk lists of sites based on their built-in tech like CMS, marketing tools and e-commerce solutions. Use boolean search for complex list filtering.


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Find just the person you need, contact them and turn them into a sales lead. A unique insight into the targeted platform will make all of this possible.

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Collect email addresses of leads and immediately start your outreach campaign directly from the account page.

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Install the website checker as an extension to extract site technology data from any platform while you surf the web

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How Can Web Technology Detection Help Generate Leads?

I can say that even though I’ve's service for a short time, I am very satisfied. It met all my expectations. What I liked the most was the personalized and fast service that the support team gave me. I do not speak English very well and yet everyone has done their best to understand me and help me resolve my issues. I wish the company and employees a lot of success!
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We at TREBLAB have only been using Snovio for a couple of months, but this service has already made a significant difference to our business. It's the case of when simplicity is an ideal strategy - you get all you need, without messing with unnecessary extras. We’ve achieved more than a 100% increase in open rate, which is pretty remarkable – and I’m sure we will see even better results in the future! Thanks guys, you are doing a great job!
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When I first stumbled across’s Chrome extensions I assumed that it will be another short and painful experience, but I quickly realized that is a blessing for any B2B researcher. Their extension works on LinkedIn and all the websites that I researched, and it’s become a basic tool for my work. The efficiency of this tool is amazing, and you can check it for yourself using 100 free monthly credits they offer. Last but not least, fantastic and very communicative team will provide you with any help necessary and will be open to your ideas. If you are not convinced after giving it a go, I strongly believe that you just weren’t using it correctly!
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