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You know what your business needs.
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High-quality curated lead lists created just for your goals

Your personal researcher will create a tailor-made, highly-targeted, ready-to-use mailing list based on your ideal customer profile. Just fill in the order survey and describe your goals and ICP, and our team will contact you shortly about the order.

Risk-free way to fill your sales funnel

Each lead collected for your list will pass a 7-tier verification as well as manual validation process to guarantee the highest possible accuracy. You will receive a guaranteed refund for each bounced email*.

Best-priced tailor-made B2B prospect research for any niche

Snov.io Prospecting as a Service offers up to 1,000 tailored sales opportunities in your niche per order at only 40¢ (0.4 USD) per prospect. Each prospect is individually sourced and checked by your dedicated researcher to make sure it’s valid and perfectly fits your ICP.

Top leadgen team with confirmed experience

Snov.io tools help boost revenue for hundreds of thousands of clients and sales teams globally since 2017. With 75,000+ companies on board, we know everything there is to know about lead generation. Researchers working on your order are experienced Customer Success specialists with years of experience in lead generation and sales, giving them an invaluable insight into your goals.

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Here’s what you receive


USDper lead

  • Up to 1,000 tailored sales opportunities per order
  • Dedicated researcher
  • Supervised list compilation
  • Mentoring by our in-house Customer Success representative
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How can I order this prospecting service?
    To order this service, complete a survey and describe your ideal customer profile, the data you need, how many leads you want to order, fill in your contact info and other information you would like your researcher to know. Your request will be processed by our Customer Success department and we’ll contact you shortly after to confirm your order and begin search according to the data you provided..
  • How many leads can I order?
    You can order up to 1,000 prospects in a single order. If you’d like to continue the search, you can reorder our prospecting services (200 leads minimum order).
  • How much does it cost?
    Cost per prospect is 40¢ (0.4 USD) with a minimum order of 200 leads. You can choose up to 1,000 prospects per order.
  • Do you offer any bonuses with big orders?
    You get a free Snov.io M plan ( $69 regular price ) with every order, regardless of the number of leads ordered. You can use it to send free email drip campaigns, clean your existing prospect lists, manage leads and research sales opportunities.
  • How can I check your performance?
    Upon order, you will receive a Snov.io account where you’ll be able to monitor the progress of your researcher.
  • What is “supervised list compilation”?
    A team member of the Snov.io Customer Success team will overlook the progress and guide your data researcher when needed to guarantee the high quality of the final list.
  • Do you offer help with the sales email copy?
    No, but you can use our professionally crafted email templates. You will also receive any help you need with setting up an email drip campaign with Snov.io. Note that your purchase covers one full month of Snov.io service. If you plan to run an email campaign with Snov.io for more than a month, you can renew your Snov.io plan or re-order our prospecting services (200 leads minimum order).
  • How will you bill me?
    We will create a custom order according to the number of leads requested. All Snov.io orders are processed by our payment processors 2Checkout or FastSpring.
  • I have more questions
    If you have any other question please feel free to contact us at help@snov.io or via live chat!

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