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Know when leads open
your emails and links
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Track any of your Gmail accounts

Email Tracking allows you to switch between your Gmail accounts.

Turn off Gmail tracking whenever you want right in the Chrome extension.

gmail tracker
real-time notifications
Real-time notifications

With Email Tracker you will receive live desktop push notifications the moment your email message is read or the recipient clicks a link.

See full history of email opens

See when leads opened emails and clicked on links - full activity log is available in your Gmail account.

Find out which emails convert and which get you ignored. Now you know when it's time to follow up with a Hot Lead or adjust your email outreach.

email opens history
Never forget to follow-up
Never forget to follow-up

Set reminders for emails that have been opened, interacted with, or ignored. You will always remember to follow-up at the perfect time with our Remind Me feature.

You schedule, we send

We know you're busy. Let us do your sending for you! Schedule your email and we will send it at a specified time, day or night.

you schedule, we send
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