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Boost your LinkedIn SSI score

Unlock greater outreach limits and sell more

Unlock greater outreach limits and sell more's LinkedIn Automation intelligently manages your daily activity and boosts your Social Selling Index. That means you can reach your sales quotas and network with key decision-makers easier.

Safety is crucial

With LinkedIn prospecting and outreach tool you can afford to set it and forget it. Sit back and watch your engagement grow.

Dedicated proxy for maximum safety

Each LinkedIn account you connect uses a built-in proxy based on your usual login location. This makes our automation impossible to detect and safe for you to use.

Cloud-based operation

Everything works, even when you don't - no need to keep your computer on. This makes the automations independent and ensures that your sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access at all times.

Smart safety limits

Carefully researched daily limits and delays between actions help simulate human behavior and protect your account from LinkedIn restrictions. No need to monitor your daily activity volumes — your account is safe and productive with us.

We operate smartly within LinkedIn's guidelines

Ensuring your outreach remains genuine and safe.

How LinkedIn
Automation works

Increase your success rate with top-to-bottom funnel optimizer.

Scale lead gen with easier LinkedIn prospecting

Scale lead gen with easier LinkedIn prospecting

Save your LinkedIn leads using a simple extension or explore our database of millions LinkedIn leads using filters.

Double your chances with multi-channel outreach campaigns

Double your chances with multi-channel outreach campaigns

Add automated LinkedIn touches like visits, post likes, personalized messages and connection requests to your email sequences for a holistic engagement strategy.

Collect, sync and analyze data to improve your performance

Collect, sync and analyze data to improve your performance

Manage your leads, track important metrics, and evaluate campaign performance to make the next one even more successful - all in one place.

Automate your LinkedIn workflow to its fullest

Explore a range of features built for consistent productivity and results.

Save leads

Save leads with pre-verified emails from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator in bulk.

Visit and send connection requests

Visit and send connection requests to hundreds of LinkedIn users automatically.


Auto-like the latest publications of the individuals you aim to connect with.

Improve your chances of a reply

Improve your chances of a reply by sending personalized LinkedIn messages to multiple prospects simultaneously.

Close deals

Close deals even when your computer is off thanks to cloud-based autopilot mode.

Streamline your workflow

Forget the hassle of buying and setting up proxies – they're already built-in, at no extra cost.

Launch smart automated follow-ups

Launch smart automated follow-ups based on recipient actions.

Maximize personalization with dynamic LinkedIn content

Maximize personalization with dynamic LinkedIn content, ensuring messages resonate with each person you connect.

Keep your activity natural with Spintax

Keep your activity natural with Spintax: it adjusts messages to each prospect’s characteristics to avoid flags.

Streamline your workflow

Streamline your workflow by syncing LinkedIn data with the tools you use daily, like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Calendly and more

LinkedIn automation tailored for diverse needs

From individual professionals to teams, meets your unique requirements

Sales teams

Sales teams

Double your chances to convert with LinkedIn and email combo approach.

HR and recruitment

HR and recruitment

Automate recruitment outreach and connect with top talent faster.

SEO and link builders

SEO and link builders

Streamline LinkedIn engagements to boost link-building and forge valuable partnerships.

Business owners

Business owners

Let build and nurture LinkedIn connections for you, freeing up time to focus on core business activities and growth.

Marketing agencies

Marketing agencies

Bring more value to clients by leveraging LinkedIn for targeted outreach and building brand authority.

What our users say

Daniel Meck
Daniel MeckHead of Sales at Moosend’s accuracy is significantly more trustworthy and consistent than [other products] we have invested in.

Dmitry Chervonyi
Dmitry ChervonyiCMO at Belkins helped us collect more than 80,000 leads in a month, accelerating our search for emails while reducing the cost per lead.

Sirio Küpper
Sirio KüpperCEO of We Can Track helped us stand out.

Jaswant Singh
Jaswant SinghGlobal Digital Marketing Manager at SurveySensum’s Email Finder reduced the time it took us to find email addresses by almost 50% and the lead generation efforts by 20%.

Ramzi Barkat
Ramzi BarkatBusiness Development Manager at Gamiphy

With we discovered new ways of lead generation.

Joey Mallat
Joey MallatAutomation Specialist at SpotOn

Our sales revenue has grown by 18% since we started using

Marta Zabłocka
Marta ZabłockaMarketing Manager at InStream Group

We saw the biggest value of in the possibility of automating our lead generation process.

Guilherme Lacerda
Guilherme LacerdaGrowth Team Leader

We’re amazed with the accuracy of leads found by Our team is finally confident in our prospects and can offer them more personalized solutions.

Elaine Chen
Elaine ChenInternational Sales Manager at AMPXELL

Starting from zero, I ended up finding more and more leads and closing multiple deals using

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Frequently asked questions
about LinkedIn Automation Tool

How can help me maximize results from using LinkedIn for sales?'s LinkedIn automation tools help you amplify your sales strategy on LinkedIn. By automating certain tasks, you can give more personalized attention to your prospects. This not only saves you time but also results in higher engagement and stronger connections with potential leads.

Is it safe to automate LinkedIn?

Yes, with it's safe. We've set well researched safety limits (for each activity - likes, connection requests, messages, profile visits) to ensure you stay within LinkedIn's guidelines. Our tool was designed to be safe so you don't get banned for appearing too robotic.

Can I use multiple LinkedIn accounts with

Absolutely! You can connect LinkedIn accounts according to your needs, each account at a fixed price.

Can I integrate LinkedIn automation software with my CRM?

Yes, you can integrate our LinkedIn automation software with your CRM. Additionally, you can also utilize's built-in CRM for a seamless experience. It's designed to be simple and efficient.

How much does the LinkedIn automation tool cost?

The cost of our tool depends on the number of accounts you're connecting. Each account costs $69. You can connect as many as you need without having to upgrade to a larger plan. This flexibility is available even with our smallest Starter plan.

Do I need to set up additional proxies to use the LinkedIn Automation tool?

No, they are built into the software without extra fees. This means no searching, buying, or setting up proxies on your end. The tool automates prospecting and outreach while ensuring your account remains secure. Each LI account you connect uses a dedicated proxy based on your usual login location, blending seamlessly with normal traffic to stay under the radar and guarantee smooth, secure operations.

Is LinkedIn automation software compatible with all types of LinkedIn accounts?

Yes, is designed to work seamlessly with all types of accounts, whether you have a basic, premium, or any other specialized account.

How do dynamic content and spintax keep my LinkedIn account from being flagged?

Spintax and Dynamic LinkedIn content vary your message text, making every message unique. This mimics human writing and helps avoid the repetitive patterns that can alert LinkedIn's detection systems to automation. By ensuring each interaction feels personal, your account stays safe.

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