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How much do I pay for membership?

There are 5 plans:

  • XS is free, offers you 100 credits and up to 200 emails
  • S is $19/month with 1,000 credits and 2,000 emails
  • M is $49/month with 5,000 credits and 10,000 emails
  • L is $79/month with 25,000 credits and 50,000 emails
  • XL is $139/month with 50,000 credits and 100,000 emails

Do I need to have LinkedIn account to search for emails?

Yes. First you need to connect to Snovio.

How does domain search work?

You can find domain search in Snoviotools. It finds emails of the domain addresses that were entered. When you get them you can save emails to your lists. It gives opportunity to quickly find emails and get connected.

How can I save many emails at once?

There are no limits as to how many emails can be saved at once. Then it depends on the plan you have with Snovio.

How can I find possible employers with Snovio?

There is a linker in Snoviotools that can be used for prospect search. You can find your possible employer by entering job title, skills and location. It gives you links to prospect employers and then you can easily extract their emails.

How do I start using Snovio?

You start using Snovio by installing Chrome extension and creating your account at Snovio. After this you may go to LinkedIn or use our source search tool at and start building your targeted email lists or searching for prospects.

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