FAQ and solved issues

FAQ and solved issues

Frequently asked questions about Snov.io tools and known resolved issues.
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Frequently asked questions

FAQ – Email Finder Tool
Frequently asked questions about Email Finder
FAQ – Email Verifier Tool
Frequently asked questions about Email Verifier
FAQ – Email Drip Campaigns Tool
Frequently asked questions about Email drip campaigns
FAQ – Email Tracker
Frequently Asked Questions about Email tracker

Known and solved issues

Failure to log in with a Gmail or G Suite account – January 2020 (Resolved)
Check how to log into your Snov.io account by entering your email and password if you failed to do it.
Tracker Opened status issue for chrome version 74 (and older) – February 2019 (Resolved)
You may have noticed that emails sent with Snovio Email Tracker extension enabled are displayed as opened when you view them. You can easily fix this issue.
Gmail email sending via Drip Campaigns tool issue – March 13, 2019 (Resolved)
On March 13, at 4:53 AM Google has posted a report regarding an issue a number of users have been reporting. The problem hindered access to and the functionality of Gmail, with many reporting error messages, delays, and unexpected behavior.