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What does Email Tracker do?

Snov.io Email Tracker is a mailtracker tool that will improve your productivity! It tracks email opens and link clicks, allows you to schedule emails in Gmail/Google Workspace to send your emails at a later time, and reminds you about follow-ups. Email Tracker also notifies you in real-time when your email is opened or a link in the email is clicked. Check the detailed guide on how to track your outgoing emails here.

Here’s a short video tutorial on how to use Snov.io Email Tracker for Gmail:

How can I know if a person opened my email?

Once activated, our Gmail tracker will track every outgoing email and inform you when it’s opened by sending you a push notification and displaying a tag Opens: [N] next to the email. Besides, Snov.io will provide you with an exact number and time of opens, so you will get to know how many times your email has been opened and when for better communication strategy planning.

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How will I know if someone clicked the link in the email?

If you activate our Email Tracker for your Gmail, we will also track the links in your emails. When a recipient clicks the link, we will send you a push notification. Snov.io will also provide you with the number of times the link has been clicked and the time.

Will the recipient know that the email is tracked?

No, the recipient will not know that the email is tracked. We add no signatures, labels, or logos to the tracked emails, so they look exactly how you intend them to be. 

How can I see which emails have been opened in my inbox?

There will be tags near every tracked email: Unopened, Opens, or Clicks. You will additionally see a number in the Opens and Clicks tags showing you how many times the action has been performed.

Do you have an option to schedule emails with your Email Tracker?

Yes! With our Email Tracker you can schedule your email and it will be sent at a specific time. Before the scheduled sending time, the email will be kept in your Drafts. You will see an envelope icon next to it with the date and time the email is scheduled to be sent.

Do you have follow-up reminders?

Yes, we have various types of reminders. Snov.io can remind you when:

– the tracked email wasn’t opened

– the link wasn’t clicked

– the email received no reply

– a follow-up reminder regardless of what the recipient’s interaction with the email was.

How do you track emails?

We add an invisible tracking pixel to your email body. Your recipient won’t notice it.

Why is your Email Tracker extension free?

Snov.io provides a lot of tools for email marketing. Our Email Tracker extension is a bonus to the users who support us by purchasing our main tools. We also hope this extension helps email marketers who are not yet users to discover Snov.io. 

How do you differ from the others?

Snov.io Email Tracker is the only extension that offers label-free email tracking for Gmail, complete with other useful functions for free!

How can I install Snov.io Email Tracker?

You can install our Unlimited Email Tracker from the Chrome Web Store here. Track your Gmail, schedule emails and receive follow-up reminders absolutely for free!

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