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Build a lead base for any purpose

Get access to previously unreachable leads with over a dozen lead gen tools and handy integrations:

  • Collect email leads from anywhere online, from company websites to Google search results to LinkedIn.
  • Harvest marketing audiences on your website and reach your targeted audience better with Facebook Ads campaigns. Upsell or retarget existing customers, create lookalike audiences, and sell more.
  • Boost your link building efforts by reaching out to relevant content publishers directly.
  • Find and reach out to investors that will help get your project off the ground.
  • Increase your online presence by building partnerships with the right media outlets and finding influencers and editors that can help you get more exposure.
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Build a lead base for any purpose
Nurture your leads to a conversion

Nurture your leads to a conversion

Engage leads, book more meetings and convert easier at every stage of the funnel

  • Use email sequences with unlimited follow-ups to nurture cold leads and convert prospects.
  • Make booking easier for the lead: schedule more calls, meetings, and demos with interested leads using our native Calendly integration. No scheduling back-and-forth, no double-bookings, no missed calls - talk to more leads and close more deals.
  • Turn your LinkedIn leads into customers faster with a fully automated, personalized, multi-channel approach.
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Onboard, retain, upsell

Build long-lasting relationships with your customers and manage lead lists within one intuitive dashboard.

  • Prevent high bounce rates and never spend a minute of your time on irrelevant leads by keeping your lists clean and up-to-date with Email Verifier.
  • Keep track of newly registered users and be there to onboard them with fully automated and personalized drip campaigns.
  • Re-engage inactive users: send personalized offers, set automated follow-ups and track recipient engagement for easier customer base management.
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Onboard, retain, upsell

" helped us collect more than 80,000 leads in a month, accelerating our search for emails while reducing the cost per lead."




Department efficiency increase

80 000+

Leads collected monthly


"We knew it would be nice to find an all-in-one tool for lead generation and email campaigns. That’s when we heard about"


Open rate


Reply rate


Drip campaigns launched

Pearl Lemon

"One of our clients got 23 email meetings scheduled from just 117 emails sent with From those 23 meetings, two leads have actually signed, generating about $9,000 in revenue."


Client campaign conversion rate


In revenue from a 1-month campaign


" frees up more time for us to work on our projects and do more research on high-interest prospects. The platform overall consistently saves us hours of time - both on lead generation and drip outreach."


Open rate


Response rate

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