Joey Mallat

Our sales revenue has grown by 18% since we started using

Joey Mallat

Automation & Customer Success Specialist at SpotOn

Joey Mallat
Automation & Customer Success Specialist at SpotOn
About company

SpotOn is a company that provides horeca with better reviews, more customers and increases return visits.

The challenge

We always want to make a strong first impression, so it’s absolutely necessary for us to open with a personal greeting. Yet, the process wasn’t efficient enough for us to be able to provide enough leads for our sales team. We were having trouble collecting emails and contacts from the HoReCa businesses we wanted to approach. It was a real struggle. That is until we found

The solution

The first tool we used (and still use) was the Company Profile Search to find the right contacts and email addresses at the companies we wanted to approach. The Email Finder Chrome extension in particular saved our account managers a lot of time - they can just search for contacts on the websites they’re looking through. Another feature we used was Emails From Names - we upload our file with LinkedIn leads’ names and collect their email addresses.

growth in sales
more leads collected

Since we are not that big of a company (yet 😉), we have to save all the time we have doing sales and growing our company. We were able to contact 40% more leads (an average of every account manager) with we’d usually spend this saved time manually searching for contacts and contact info, but now we can put that time into sales. As a result, our sales revenue has also grown by 18% since we started using as a platform is very straightforward, clean, user friendly and efficient. Is it easy to use? Extremely! So easy, in fact, that I didn't even have to teach our intern how to use it.

Is easy to use? Extremely! So easy, in fact, that I didn't even have to teach our intern how to use it.

Read real stories from customers
find emails

The experience

If I had to describe in a word, it would be timesaving. helps us find the necessary lead info almost automatically: we push one button and find business email addresses for a whole list of contacts. Collecting targeted contacts is also easy - we find them with the Company Profile Search we mentioned before, so everything we need is kept on a single platform.

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