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Start using the extension in 5 simple steps

Step 1

Download extension zip file

Using the latest version means getting access to the latest features.

Download file

ver.: 2.3.5 from 17.06.2024

Step 2

Extract extension

Right click on the downloaded zip file and choose Extract All option. Make sure to select a convenient file destination, somewhere it won't be moved from after the install.

Click ⌘ + Option + L to open Downloads folder in Finder. Double-click on the downloaded zip file to unzip it and extract extension folder.

don't delete the unzipped file, otherwise the extension will not work.
Step 3

Enable Developer Mode in Chrome

Open the Extensions page in your Chrome: in the top right corner of your browser, click More> More tools > Extensions, or just type in chrome://extensions/ into your address bar.

Then, turn on Developer mode switch in the top right corner.

Step 4

Load extension into Chrome

Locate the unzipped extension folder named li-prospect-finder that contains manifest.json file. Drag and drop it anywhere onto the Extensions Chrome page to install.

if you're getting an error, check that you've chosen the correct folder.
Step 5

Pin it!

Click the extension puzzle icon next to the address bar and pin LI Prospect Finder for quick access whenever you need to collect a lucrative lead!

Congrats! You're all set!

Start exploring with 50 free credits. Big deals await!

Need some inspiration?

Here's how users grow sales with LI Prospect Finder

representatives Growth Machine

"The entire process of extraction and validation of emails became surgically accurate, with a deliverability rate of well above 90%"

Guilherme Lacerda and Thiago Rodriguesa, Growth Team Leader and PMO of Marketing

representatives Digital Media Stream

"As a direct impact of reducing the prospecting time between 10 and 20% per rep, prospecting meetings have increased in excess of 30% over the last 12 months."

Simon Leeming, Co-founder at Digital Media Stream

representatives Leadlytics

"With we were able to generate 25,000 new emails every month."

Nibil M S, VP of Operations at Leadlytics

Frequently asked questions

I get “manifest error” during installation. What do I do?

On step 4 make sure that the folder you upload has a manifest.json file inside. Because unzipped folder and the folder inside it are named the same, sometimes you might accidentally upload the wrong one.

Can I install LI Prospect Finder to another browser (Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari)?

No, LI Prospect Finder extension works in Google Chrome only.

Can I delete the extension folder after I install it?

Unzipped extension folder needs to remain in the same directory after installation for the extension to work. Please don’t delete it or move it to another location.

I’m not sure if I’m using the latest version. How to update my extension?

If you're using an old version of LI Prospect Finder, you will see an Update button in the extension window. To update your extension, please reinstall it by removing your current version from Chrome and then going through the installation steps again.

Do I need to have a account to use the extension?

Yes, you will need a account. Get a free account by signing up and receive 50 free credits every month for free.

How many free searches do I get?

You'll get 50 free credits, renewed every month. And if you ever need more, make sure to check out all of our sales-boosting plans!

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