Snovio Privacy Policy

This page describes Snovio’s practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of the information we collect from and about you when you use Snovio’s services. Data is collected by Snovio Inc of 220 East 23rd Street, 5th Floor, Office 500, New York, NY, 10010. Any references to ‘we’, ‘our’ or ‘us’ in this policy should be read as references to Snovio ltd.

  1. Information we collect about you
    1. When you register

      When you register for our service we may collect your name or company name, email address (we capture this information at any domain when you fill in a sign-up form). We require this to allow access to content you have paid for or to get access to your free or paid account. We also use this information to create such account.

    2. Payment information

      Our payment processor Avangate, only upon a purchase, may collect your address, location, email address, telephone number, credit or debit card number and its expiry date. Snovio ltd does not store your payment information.

    3. Google user data

      Snovio is able to integrate with the user's Gmail account to let users send emails via Gmail API. The service integrates into Gmail and needs to connect with your Google account. The only information we store is the email address of the Gmail account you have connected to our service, the access token, and identifiers for drafts and messages sent through the campaign. We use this information only to provide you with the following services:

      Email sending through the Snovio platform on your behalf;
      Tracking of replies to messages sent through the Snovio platform;
      Remind Me feature of Snovio Email Tracker for Gmail;
      Send Later feature of Snovio Email Tracker for Gmail.

      We do not store incoming emails from your Gmail account. In case of a new email in your Inbox, we analyze it using automated algorithms and record only the results of the analysis to provide accurate campaign functioning, campaign statistics, and operability of the Remind Me feature in case the sent email receives no reply.

      We do not access your Sent emails through your Gmail account.

      We use access to draft sending in your Gmail account to ensure the operability of the Send Later feature.

      We can add a tracking pixel to the body of emails sent through our service to track email opens and edit links in your emails to track link clicks. We use data acquired through these tracking methods to maintain email campaign operability and provide campaign reports.

      You can revoke Snovio’s access to your Gmail account in the settings page of your Snovio account or here. If you decide to do so, we will lose access to your Gmail account and will no longer be able to provide you campaign sending services through Gmail API or implement Send Later and Remind Me features with Snovio Email Tracker.

      We delete all data collected from your Gmail account upon request.

      We do not share or pass data to any third parties under any circumstances. We can only give access to data to authorized authorities upon lawfully authorized request or in cases of emergency.

    4. Information about children

      We do not knowingly collect or solicit personal information from anyone under the legal age (according to your jurisdiction). If you are under the legal age (according to your jurisdiction), please do not attempt to register for our services or install Snovio Chrome extension without verification of parental consent.

      If we learn that we have collected personal information from anyone under the legal age (according to the user’s jurisdiction), we will delete that information as quickly as possible. If you believe that anyone under the legal age (according to the user’s jurisdiction) has provided us with personal information, please contact us at

  2. When do we collect information?

    We collect information when you register on our website ( including subdomains like , use service features, or pay for premium services. In addition we collect your browsing history but only when Snovio chrome extension is being used like when you open Snovio extension it sends website URL you currently viewing to your own Snovio account at this URL . This browsing history is never shared with any third party and may be deleted upon request.

  3. Cookies

    Cookies are text files stored on your device which allow us to track and identify our visitors, their usage of the site and website preferences. You can configure your device not to accept our cookies if you wish, although certain features of our site may not work if you do this.

    We use cookies to enhance your experience and maintain website stability. Cookies enable us to provide our live chat feature and analyze site traffic.

    We also share information about your use of our site with our analytics and advertising partners. By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use of cookies.

  4. How we use the information about you

    We use this information to process your registration, provide our service, provide statements of account and communicate with you on any matter relating to your account and the provision of our service in general. Snovio’s Chrome browser extension lets you use our services directly through your browser. While you use the browser extension, it collects the domain names visited in an anonymized fashion (refer to “2. When do we collect information?” section). We may also use aggregate information and statistics for the purposes of monitoring website usage in order to help us further develop and improve our service. These statistics will not include any information which can be used to identify you. We may also wish to provide you with information about special offers related to our service or any other service or products which we think may be of interest to you. If you would rather not receive this information, you can always opt out. We will use all reasonable efforts to safeguard your personal information, but you should be aware that the Internet is not secure and so we cannot guarantee the security or integrity of any personal information transferred from or to you through your use of this service.

  5. Security

    All data is encrypted via SSL/TLS when transmitted from Snovio servers to Snovio Chrome extension and vice versa.

  6. Updates to the Privacy Policy

    Snovio may update this Privacy Policy. We’ll notify you about significant changes by emailing the account owner or by displaying a prominent notice on our site. You can access, change or delete your personal information at any time in your dashboard, or if it’s not directly possible, by contacting Snovio support team.

  7. Snovio Email Tracker

    Extension may require authorization in our web application ( User's personal data while registering is described in Section 4. Additionally, to use the Send Later and Remind Me features you must allow to access your Google account. You can learn more about how uses your Google data in Section 1.3.

    Users can send emails through their usual Gmail interface and Email Tracker extension will provide tracking information. We’ll let the users know if we think their emails have been opened and how many times.

    We store the subject and identification numbers of emails for the open notifications only. We are using it for tracking, as well as the Send Later and Remind Me features.

  8. Snovio Email Finder

    To use the extension, you need to be registered at and logged into User's personal data while registering is described in section 4.

    Upon user request, extension can collect personal information such as email addresses and business profiles from publicly available sources. Handling and storing of this information occurs only at the request of the user. This data is stored in our database and could be found through a search inside the platform. If you do not want your personal information to be included as part of our Service, you may opt out by contacting us at

  9. Snovio Verifier

    To use the extension, you need to be registered at and logged into User's personal data while registering is described in section 4.

    Extension can collect email addresses from the websites you visit.

    We store the data only upon the user's request, and only if the user clicks the "Save" button. We can use these email addresses to replenish our internal database, and they can be found through a search inside the platform.

  10. Snovio Web Technology Checker

    To use the extension, you don't need to be registered at or logged into We collect the following data: Information about websites using specific web technologies (non-personal data). We only store domains from visited websites to help us provide a better user experience.

  11. Extensions Permissions
    1. Email Finder
      "tabs" is using the chrome.tabs API (getting bookmark links, creating new tabs with our link, reloading open pages of
      "http: // * /", - access to all sites to get page content (alternative to all_urls)
      "https: // * /", - access to all sites to get page content (alternative to all_urls)
      " cookies", - session recovery via cookies from
      " notifications", - to show push notifications (completion of background tasks)
      "webRequest", - for automated information collected from web pages without direct opening of the pages by the user
      "contextMenus" - to create a new item 'Background tasks' in the context menu of the extension.
    2. Email Tracker
      "*: //**", - access to our pages and API
      "https: //**", - for blocking tracking images to prevent tracking email opens and link clicks from user's own account
      "*", - access to Gmail pages
      "tabs" - for using the chrome.tabs API (getting bookmark links, creating new tabs with our link, reloading open Gmail pages)
      "cookies", - session recovery via cookies from
      "storage", - we store the activation settings of the tracker in the synchronized storage (if it's activated on one computer, then the settings are synchronized on others via Google account)
      "notifications", - push notifications
      "gcm" - to transfer data from the server to the client, needed to show push notifications
      "webRequest", - to intercept the download of our tracking pictures
      "webRequestBlocking" - to block the download of our tracking pictures
    3. Email Verifier
      "tabs", - for using chrome.tabs API (getting bookmark links, creating new tabs with our link)
      "http: // * /", - access to all sites to receive page content, for email search on pages (alternative to all_urls)
      "cookies", - session recovery via cookies from
      "storage", - storage of found emails lists
      "unlimitedStorage", removes the limit on the number of emails stored in the Сhrome storage
      "notifications" - push notifications after the email verification is completed.
    4. Web Technology Checker
      "storage", - for storing settings and found technologies
      "tabs", for using chrome.tabs API
      "webRequest", - to access the chrome.webRequest API functions for reading of the HTTP headers to identify the technologies used
      "http: // * / *", - access to all sites to get page content
      "https://*/*", - access to all sites to get page content
      "cookies" - session recovery via cookies from, as well as to determine the technologies used.
Contact information

Should you have any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact via

Snovio Inc

220 East 23rd Street

5th Floor, Office 500

New York, NY


Last updated: October 14, 2019