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Collect high-quality contacts from any website you visit
Collect high-quality contacts from any website you visit
Collect high-quality contacts from any website you visit
Collect high-quality contacts from any website you visit

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Collect high-quality contacts from any website you visitNo credit card required

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Frequently asked questions

  • Are Email Finder and LI Prospect Finder extensions free?

    Yes, these extensions are free.
    You will receive 50 free credits every month that you can use on email search. You can get more credits by purchasing a plan that fits your needs here, or wait till the end of the month for the free credits to renew. You'll still have access to your account and all the collected data even if you run out of credits.
  • How can I find email addresses with Email Finder Chrome extension and LI Prospect Finder extension?

    Once you create an account and install our Email Finder and LI Prospect Finder extensions, you will have access to multiple email finder features.

    With Email Finder for Chrome you can find emails in a number of ways:

    With LI Prospect Finder you can:
    • Collect emails from the prospects’ LinkedIn profile pages
    • Find and collect prospects from search pages
    • Collect company leads from LinkedIn
    • Find leads and collect their contacts on Sales Navigator

    If you’re looking for more lead generation solutions, has an even more powerful Email Finder tool available as an app with almost half a dozen additional email search features.
  • Does your LI Prospect Finder work with free and premium LinkedIn accounts?

    Yes. LI Prospect Finder can be used on free and premium LI accounts. It's the perfect LinkedIn email finder for B2B lead generation. You can find a detailed guide on how to collect emails on LI here.
  • How reliable is the collected email quality?

    Emails collected from prospects’ LI profiles will be pre-verified. You can verify other emails found through using the built-in Email Verifier.

    According to our latest tests, the bounce rate for emails that received valid and uncertain status is 3.75% (of the total number of emails). A test on a different list of only valid emails has shown a bounce rate of 1.72%.
  • What data can I find with Email Finder extension?

    Depending on where you conduct your search, you can find basic data like Name and Email address, or a full prospect’s profile. You can find and save the following data:

    1. First name
    2. Last name
    3. Full name
    4. Prospect’s social profile
    5. Job position
    6. Locality
    7. Company name
    8. Company URL
    9. Company’s social profile
    10. Company size
    11. Company’s locality
    12. Country
    13. State
    14. City
    15. Industry