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Your copilot for deliverability and sender reputation management

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Flawless email deliverability starts under the hood

Make sure every recipient gets your message by improving the technical side of your email outreach.

Did you know technical settings account for as much as 50% of your deliverability success?

Did you know technical settings account for as much as 50% of your deliverability success?

Imagine a handy dashboard highlighting the exact DNS and other crucial settings you need to fix to land your emails in the Inbox. Every single time.

That's Email Deliverability Check.

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Flawless <span>email deliverability</span> starts under the hoodFlawless <span>email deliverability</span> starts under the hood

Solve multiple deliverability challenges within one tool

As email providers are tightening email sending policies, equips you with all the necessary tools to keep your cold outreach going, no matter the limits.

Solve <span>multiple</span> deliverability challenges within one toolSolve <span>multiple</span> deliverability challenges within one toolSolve <span>multiple</span> deliverability challenges within one tool

Personalized deliverability tips

Boost your campaign results with tailored advice on how to improve engagement, eliminate bounces and get more replies.


Full control over email placement

Check where your emails land before launching campaigns to guarantee maximum engagement and avoid Spam.


Unlimited mailbox warm-up

Minimize the risk of landing in the spam folder. Gain trust from email providers with AI-curated, fully automated email warm-up process.


Precise email verification

Don't let stale data cause any troubles to your sending process. Be confident about every recipient in your list and kill high bounce rates in the bud.


Stellar domain health

Don't let SPF, DKIM and DMARC intimidate you. Now you can easily check and fix any DNS record problems and keep your outreach safe.


Spam-proof email content

Ensure that your text is free of any words or phrases commonly flagged as spam by email providers.


Unlimited mailbox rotation

No more worrying over email quotas! Connect unlimited sender accounts and scale o your campaign outreach without sending limits holding you back.

"I used to get lots of bounced emails but since using, the email deliverability rates improved, and this improves reply rate significantly."

Guru Lwanga

SaaS Copywriter at CopyTecher

Pursue every business opportunity

Counter any threat that may prevent your email from reaching the lead's Inbox.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I check email deliverability issues? provides you with a complete toolkit to ensure your deliverability stays perfect. Begin by signing up for and using our free Domain Health and Email Placement Checkers. If you have any troubles with your sender reputation, will pinpoint them and give clear recommendations of what you should fix.

What deliverability-improving tools does offer?

Here’s a set of tools designed to secure 100% deliverability rates:

  • Domain Health Checker monitors your domain settings to make sure your technical settings are set correctly.
  • Email Content Checker spots any words and phrases that can be flagged as spam.
  • Email Placement Test shows you the probability of getting into the inbox.
  • Deliverability Insights follow your email activity and pinpoint any issues that may damage your performance.
  • Email Verifier enables you to keep your lead database up-to-date and avoid bounces.
  • Email Warm-up prepares your mailboxes for sending bigger and bigger email volumes.
  • Mailbox Rotation helps you expand your cold outreach limit by safely connecting unlimited sender accounts.

How can I check if an email is spam?

Use Email Content Checker to test your email for spam words and edit the copy when necessary. With, you can test an email template or an email copy before launching a campaign.

How many domain health and email placement tests can I perform with tools once I sign up?

Once you are a user, you will receive 50 credits that you can use for domain health or email placement tests, each check will cost 10 credits. You can always upgrade to a higher plan if you and your team need more.

How can I improve my deliverability with deliverability tools?

Regularly check your domain health and email placement using our dedicated tools. If any issues arise, your dashboard will alert you and provide clear resolution steps. And if you’re eager to learn everything about 100% inbox placement, join our free Deliverability Month Challenge with bite-sized video instructions sent to your email every day.

What is a good email deliverability score?

A good email deliverability score should be above 98%, indicating a high successful delivery rate to recipients' inboxes without being marked as spam.

What is a good domain health and email placement score? experts recommend keeping your domain health score at 100%, and an email placement score at 85-90%. This way, your sender account is optimized for large email volumes.

What has the biggest impact on email deliverability?

Email deliverability depends on various factors, with technical aspects like email authentication and DNS records management accounting for around half of its impact. Equally important are strategies for email targeting, content quality, personalization, and engagement. Sign up for to optimize these elements for better email deliverability.

How can I get more email spam checks? has everything if you plan to expand your cold outreach or if you have a team to share it with. For example, unlimited warm-up and rotation of sender accounts are available starting with a Pro 5K plan, which includes more than 500 domain health and email placement tests monthly. Visit pricing to learn more.