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Domain search

Domain search

Get fast access to emails along with names and job positions from various domains. Use them to find contacts and get connected.
LinkedIn email search

LinkedIn email search

Find and save emails of LinkedInners! Either do a bare search on LinkedIn or use our Prospect Search Tool, to find just the profiles you're seeking.
Companies profiles

Company profiles

Explore the amazing company information database our program uncovers! With this, you'll contact just the right person in the right department.
Companies profiles

Send emails for free!

Use our email sending feature to send messages to a list of prospects you get with the domain search on a website absolutely free! No credits will be charged.
Companies profiles

Find the websites and identify technologies stack they use

Check what CMS, marketing, web frameworks, software, analytics and ecommerce tools are used by businesses. This feature is free.
Companies profiles

Snovio Marketplace helps connect freelancers, data researches, marketing experts and employers.

This is a freelance system where any type of marketing task can be completed, from finding talent to writing email sales copy. See the prototype and be first to explore it! Smart contracts, trust scoring and rewards are all backed by blockchain technology to ensure trust and eliminate errors in fulfilling orders.


May 2017
Project Launch
Snovio platform and Chrome Extension for contact searching
June 2017
Verifying and Updating Data
Launching email address verification function
October 2017
Launch ICO
February 2018
New Level
Database growth to 1,000,000 profiles
February 2018
Find technologies used on websites you visit
March 2018
Launch Proprietary Mailing List Module
Sending triggered email series on updates to contacts within the platform
2018 Q1
Blockchain Marketplace Launch
Platform will connect businesses and Data Research Analysts. Powered by smart contacts and SNOV tokens
2018 Q1
Email tracking
Let users know what happens after email is being sent with live notifications and comprehensive reports
April 2018
Ten-fold Growth!
Growing the lead database to 10,000,000 contacts
April 2018
Keeping our fingers on the pulse!
Function of notifications on updates in the purchased profiles
2018 Q2
Email templates for cold emailing
Best selection of email templates that convert in various niches
2018 Q2
Data Enrichment
Receive a full profile of a person or a company by enriching partial data through API and Snovio app
2018 Q3
Website tracking
Snovio goes beyond emails and tracks how prospects interact with websites
2018 Q3
Form Builder
Engage and convert anonymous website visitors into hot leads.
2018 Q4
Live Chat
Convert prospects to hot leads and get higher conversion rates
2019 Q1
Content AI
Helps prospects make the right decisions by bringing correct and valuable information
2019 Q2
Lead Scoring
Rank leads, attribute correct value to them by tracking their engagement
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