Luiz Octavio Maule Reis is the most complete platform for cold email and prospecting strategy! It speeds up the process and turns possible future revenue into actual present.

Luiz Octavio Maule Reis

CEO of Populus Sales

Luiz Octavio Maule Reis
CEO of Populus Sales
About company

Populus Sales operates in the B2B digital services sector with 100% online consulting, mentoring, and courses in sales. Populus Sales recently launched an online school dedicated to an outbound strategy called Dominating Prospects, in which is one of the main protagonists of the classes.

The challenge

Setting up a prospecting strategy was always challenging for us before we switched to Apart from limited functionality, our team and clients always complained about the complexity of such instruments. But proved us wrong: they changed our whole process and, to be fair, our attitude towards lead generation.

The solution

There are many tools we find handy and integral to our work.

For instance, semi-automated email search on LinkedIn. A game-changer! Before, this process was entirely manual and, therefore, time-consuming, as we manually added each contact found on LinkedIn into an email campaign. Now, we do it in just a few clicks. With, we gained time and productivity.

One more breakthrough for us has been Linker. It helps us adjust the ideal client profile and be more confident when B2B prospecting.

[Before] we manually added each contact found on LinkedIn into an email campaign. Now, we do it in just a few clicks. With, we gained time and productivity.

And last but not least is’s Drip Campaigns. It enables us not only to launch massive email campaigns but also to optimize the whole sales process. All found leads fall right into our email campaigns and receive personalized emails automatically without much interference on our side.

The results we get with surprise us all the time. See for yourself:

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companies prospected
response rate
cold emails sent
increase in revenue


Let me describe one case that exceeded all our expectations with beyond outstanding results.

The ideal customer: Commercial Manager in small and medium-sized companies
Industry: Metallurgical, transportation
Email cadence: 4 emails in the campaign with triggers

The results we achieved with

  • 207 companies prospected
  • 54% open rate (98 opens)
  • 15% response rate (25 responses)
  • 3 closed deals so far with average ticket of $19,000.00

The experience

There are many cold outreach campaigns at Sales Populus that show excellent results. On one thing we remain confident: our investment in has more than paid off!

Getting results with

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