How to use LI Prospect Finder Chrome extension

With LI Prospect Finder extension, you can collect a list of pre-verified prospects with personalization info on LinkedIn.

Start collecting prospects with LI Prospect Finder, and increase the quality and quantity of leads you generate!

LI Prospect Finder works with free and premium LI accounts.

Here’s our guide on how to use it:

  Go to your LinkedIn

Launch the extension

Click on the LI Prospect Finder icon in your extensions bar on one of the following pages:

On the search results page (People and Companies)

Use LinkedIn search bar to get a of list people or companies based on specific filters (position, location, industry) and activate the extension.

Tip #1: You can also save a list of companies to your companies list. When viewing the list of companies, activate the extension.

On the prospect’s profile page

Visit a personal profile page of any prospect you choose and activate the extension.

 On the company profile page

You can save a company profile to your companies list. When viewing the company profile, activate the extension.

Tip #2: Open the list of employees of any chosen company and activate the extension to save a list prospects working for a company. 

Configure search settings

You can customize the following search settings:

Choose a list

Create a new list or choose an existing list to save the prospects to.

Set a number of pages

Open Advanced settings.

Here you can select how many pages (prospects) to collect in a specific search. Each search results page contains 10 prospects. 

Set a search timeout

Timeout sets the waiting time in seconds  before saving the next prospect profile. It is choiced randomly within a given range every time before getting to the next profile. Higher waiting time makes your search more humanlike.

Be careful with the timeout settings and the number of prospects you collect to protect your LI account from being blocked. Learn about safe prospecting with LI Prospect Finder here.

Note: If you don’t change the search settings, LI Prospect Finder will collect prospects only from the active page with a recommended timeout between 7 to 14 seconds.

Save prospects

Click the Save button to collect prospect profiles to your list.

Let it complete the search task

After clicking Save, we will create a new Active searches tab in your browser. 

Here you can see a progress bar for your active searches and stop/pause a search task if necessary.

Wait until the search task completion before closing this tab. When the extension is finished collecting prospects, a search task status will turn to Completed.

Review results

Go to your prospect list and see newly collected prospect entries. 

When making another search with similar filters, you’ll see if someone is already on your prospect list. 

Check out our short video tutorial on how to find leads on LinkedIn:

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