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Prospecting tools
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How to get email contacts from a list of names

If you have a file with a list of employees’ names and their companies, can find email addresses of these people for you. Just follow these steps: 1. Choose the Emails From Names tool from the Tools menu in the top bar. 2. Choose your file for uploading.It must be in CSV format and contain […]

How to find company profiles with

The Company Profile Search tool finds company profiles using specific search parameters. With this tool, you can get full information about a company including their industry, location, year of foundation, employee number etc. To use it, follow these simple steps: Select Company Profile Search in tools. Choose the necessary options for a more specific […]

How to edit prospect’s information

Sometimes the information you collect when you find email addresses is not enough and you have additional data about the prospects you need to work with. There’s a way you can insert it in the prospect’s profile. You can edit profiles in 3 simple steps: 1. Choose the prospect and click on it. You’ll go […]

How to get email contacts from any webpage Extension for Google Chrome provides our users with the opportunity to get relevant email addresses from any website they visit. That’s the easiest way to use Just follow these steps: Install the extension to your Chrome browser.  Go to any website where you need to find email addresses from. Click on the […]

How to find emails on a company’s professional social network profile page

Follow these steps to find people and their emails on a company’s page. In the search find the company and go to its page. Click the extension icon in your browser’s top right corner, select a list and click the Send button. The company will be immediately sent to your prospects list. Click the […]

How to find emails on a person’s professional social network profile page

You can find a person’s email(s) on their professional social network profile page. To do this, follow the steps below: Go to the person’s profile page and click on extension icon in your browser’s top right corner.Select the necessary prospects’ list in the drop-down menu. Click the Find Emails and Save button. Click on […]

How to find emails on a professional social network’s Sales Nav search page (for premium accounts)

If you have a premium account, you can use Email Finder extension to search within the Sales Nav. Click the Sales Nav in the upper right corner of the page and type in the keyword in the Search bar. Use the filters on the left to find necessary people. Click the extension icon […]

How to find emails on a search engine results page

If you want to search email addresses of companies you find in the search engine results, you can use Email Finder extension. Open a search engine and type the keywords you are interested in. Once you see the results, click the Email Finder extension icon in your browser’s top right corner.In the drop-down […]

How to use the Domain Search tool

You can get email addresses, prospects and company info from particular domain. 1. Choose  Domain Search in the Tools menu. To find all the email addresses attached to a specific web domain, choose the Domain Search in the list of Tools. 2. Perform the search. This tool is very easy to use – all you […]

How to get email contacts from a list of links to social network profiles

If you have a list of URLs of people’s social profiles and want to get the emails of these people, this tool can help you. It is very easy to use: 1. Choose Social URL Search in the Tools drop-down menu. 2. Upload your CSV or TXT file with links to social network profiles […]

How to perform a Boolean search

The Boolean Search will help you to perform a specific search of large databases, such as LinkedIn, Google, Indeed, etc. via unique search parameters, and find the exact leads you need. If you want to perform a search, our Linker tool will help you limit, broaden, or refine your search and save time. Here you […]

How to get email addresses from a list of domains

1. Choose Bulk Domain Search in the tools menu. 2. Choose a source for the search. You have 2 options: Upload a CSV file with domain names from your computer. Choose one of the lists of companies you’ve previously found with and saved to your account. Please not: can only process up […]

How to find, identify and check web technologies behind websites and apps Technology Сhecker is a browser extension for Chrome which helps identify the technologies used to build a website or an app. It detects CMS, marketing tools, e-commerce solutions and much more. It’s very easy to use: Find our extension at Chrome Web Store.  Click the Add to Chrome button. Open any website you are […]

How to find emails on a professional social network’s Companies search page

With the help of Email Finder extension you can find companies, employees, and their email addresses on a Companies search page. Go to Search page and choose the Companies filter: Click the extension icon in your browser.Choose the necessary companies from the list, select the Company list in the drop-down menu, and click […]

How to find emails on a professional social network’s Search page (for free accounts)

If you have a free account, you can search for people’s email addresses within the Search page of the professional network. Go to the Search page and set necessary filters (People, Jobs, Content, Connections, Locations, Current Companies). Click the Email Finder extension icon in your browser.In the drop-down menu, you’ll see the people found […]

How to use Email Finder extension for Chrome

Get targeted email addresses from anywhere on the webwith Email Finder Chrome extension. When the Email Finder extension is installed, you’ll see’s icon next to your address bar on the top right-hand corner of your browser. Once installed, the extension allows you to find email addresses with a simple click while you are […]

How to set up integration with Pipedrive

To integrate Pipedrive with, please open your account settings, navigate to the Integrations tab and click the Connect button for Pipedrive. On the new page, add the API token, which you can find in your Pipedrive account (Settings → Personal → API) and edit the necessary integration settings.Click the Check connection button. If […]

How to import a prospect list into your account

If you already have your own list of prospects or emails, you can easily upload it to platform. To upload your list, follow steps below: 1. Open your Prospects page and choose one of the lists where you would like to import new contacts or click Add List to create a new one. 2. […]

How to export emails from

Export to CSV, XLSX, and Google Sheets is available for all users with a paid plan. Once you find emails, you can use the export button to save your lists: The pop-up window with the export settings will appear. First, select the list format: Then, select the status of the email addresses you want to […]