How to search for prospects on Twitter

Using’s Email Finder extension, you can find people’s email addresses from their Twitter profiles.

Here’s your short guide to getting an email contact from a person’s Twitter profile: 

Go to your Twitter account.

Type a keyword into a search bar (person’s name or job title).

Choose People tab on the results page.

Open a profile page of your prospect.

If you use a job title or other filters, you can also collect prospects in bulk from search results pages. 

Launch Email Finder on the extensions menu at the top right.

Click a downward arrow at the bottom to choose a list to save a prospect to.

Click the Save button.

Click Go to list to open your prospect list and see the prospect you’ve saved. 

Email Finder generates an email address if the profile contains required information (real name, company domain address). 

If an email address can’t be found, a prospect’s profile will be saved to your list with ‘Can’t find email’ status.

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