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1. Can I use Email Verifier for free?

Yes, you can try out email verification for free on your Trial account. We provide 50 test credits.

2. How many credits does it cost to verify an email?

Checking an email address costs 1 credit, regardless of the verification result (email status).

3. How accurate are the email verification results? What tests do you perform during verification?

We use a 7-step verification process to accurately determine the validity of an email address.

These checks help ensure that your emails are deliverable and safe to use in campaigns.

  • Syntax check:

This is like a spelling and grammar check for email addresses. We make sure it’s written correctly with all the right symbols in the right places.

  • Gibberish check:

We check the email’s pattern to see if it seems random. If it looks too weird or has random words, it might be a temporary or disposable email address.

  • Domain existence check:

We verify if the part of the email after the “@” symbol actually exists on the internet.

  • MX Record check:

We check if the domain linked to an email address has an MX record. Without an MX record, the emails have nowhere to be delivered.

  • SMTP check:

We send an SMTP ping to the email server and wait for a response. If we receive a positive one, we can confirm that the mailbox exists.

  • Catch-all check:

We check if the email server has an “accept-all” policy configured, which means it accepts all emails sent to it, even if the recipient’s mailbox doesn’t exist.

Catch-all emails cannot be verified with 100% certainty.

  • Freemail check:

We determine if the email address belongs to a business or if it’s just a regular webmail one.

4. Do you send an email to verify an email address?

No, Snov.io does not send an email to verify an email address. Instead, we run verification tests to check the validity of an email address.

5. What are possible verification statuses? What does the color next to an email address indicate?

As a result of verification, an email address is assigned with one of these statuses.

  • Valid (green): This means the email address has passed all the verification checks. Valid emails are safe to use in campaigns.
  • Unverifiable (yellow): The status cannot be confirmed with 100% certainty. Unverifiable email addresses are riskier to use compared to those with a valid (green) status.
  • Invalid (red): This means the email address failed verification and doesn’t exist or cannot receive emails.

Learn how to understand email statuses and their deliverability risks –> 

6. How can I verify the “unverifiable” emails?

Unverifiable emails have already gone through verification tests, but their status couldn’t be confirmed with 100% certainty.

How safe it is to send to these emails depends on their specific status. To protect your sender reputation, consider adding them to your campaigns gradually and watch for any bounce-backs.

Learn how to manage unverifiable emails –>

7. Is there a chance that an email marked as “valid” will bounce?

According to our latest tests, the bounce rate for emails that have received a “valid” status after email verification with Snov.io is only 1.72%.

There also may be other factors that are reasons for email bounce backs, even for valid emails:

  • If the recipient has configured their email settings to block incoming emails.
  • If the recipient’s mailbox is full.
  • If the recipient’s server is temporarily unresponsive.
  • If you have a low domain health score.

Learn more about email bounce types here –>

8. What does a”catch-all” email address mean?

These emails belong to an email server with a catch-all configuration, making it impossible to accurately verify them.

It means the domain accepts all emails, even if the recipient’s mailbox doesn’t exist or is inactive.

9. How many emails can I verify with Snov.io? Is there a limit to the email addresses I can verify?

When verifying emails, there is a daily limit of 1000 emails per domain. We will verify as many emails as we can within this limit. If you have more emails to verify from the same domain, you can do so on the next day.

Using our Bulk email verification tool, you can upload files with up 100,000 emails and verify them in one go.

10. Do you have an email verifier API?

Yes, Snov.io’s API Email Verifier can help you integrate email verification into your app or service.

11. Can I check email addresses in bulk?

With our premium plans, you can use bulk email verifier and run verification checks on your entire email list in bulk and remove any invalid addresses before starting a campaign.

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