What is a credit and how to spend it

With every Snov.io plan, you receive a certain amount of credits and recipients you can use in a month. Credit is a payment unit that you spend on finding and verifying emails. Recipient is a payment unit that you spend on email sending. Credits and recipients issued in accordance with your plan are valid for 30 days since the date of purchase. 

The amount you are charged depends on the tool you use: 

You can check a report for all your spent credits in the transactions tab

Email Finder

LinkedIn search
We charge 1 credit if an email is valid or Unverifiable (Risky). The email will be automatically verified. If an email is invalid or wasn’t found, no credit will be charged. You will not be charged again for duplicates. Here’s how you can find emails on LinkedIn

Domain search
We charge 1 credit for each single domain search. You may collect all the emails related to the domain that Snov.io finds for free. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the Domain Search tool.

Bulk domain search
When you upload a file with a list of domains, you have two search options – to search for emails only or to search for full prospect profiles.

If you choose the Emails only option (1), you will receive a list of unverified emails. This search option costs 2 credits per searched domain (you can collect from 1 to 100 emails from each domain).

Bulk domain search

If you choose the Prospects option (2) – you will get a list of prospect profiles with full contact information (first name, last name, job title, company name, etc.); besides, each email will be verified. 

This search option costs 1 credit for every profile found, regardless of the number of domains searched. Here’s how to use Bulk domain search

Company profile search
We charge 1 credit for 1 company viewed. You will see the details of the company with the emails that belong to it, and simply add them to your prospect list. Review how to use Company profile search

Using Linker you can search emails by different parameters such as job title, skills and location. The search through Linker is free. Here’s how to use Linker.

Bulk Email Search 
We charge 1 credit for each valid and Unverifiable (Risky) email. The search is based on a prospect’s name and company. Find out more about the Bulk Email Search tool.

Social URL search
We charge 1 credit for every prospect found based on a social profile. Emails will be verified automatically. Here’s how to use Social URL search

Email Verifier

You can verify emails on our platform either by uploading your list and verifying it, by verifying individual emails and through the Snov.io Email Verifier Chrome extension.

Single email verification and verification via Chrome extension costs 0.5 credit for each valid or invalid email. If the verified email is Unverifiable (Risky), no credits will be charged. Learn how you can verify your emails

Bulk email verification (from an uploaded file) costs 0.5 credit for each valid or invalid email. You can find out how to import your prospect files here.

You can also check how we charge credits in your account overview. Simply click the Want to know how you spend your credits? link at the bottom of the page. There, you will see this table:

Snov.io credits

Technology Checker

Snov.io Technology Сhecker is a browser extension for Chrome. Identifying the technologies used to build a website or an app is totally free. Learn how to find, identify and check web technologies here.

Email Tracker

Snov.io’s Unlimited Email Tracker allows you to stay up to date with the effectiveness of your email by showing you when and how many times your email has been opened and links clicked. This extension is completely unlimited and free. Get more info about how to track your outgoing emails inside your Gmail account here


Snov.io API offers a variety of methods to automate your workflow. Here’s a page with more details on Snov.io API for your convenience.
The charge depends on the API method used:

Email Count Free
With the help of Email Count, you can know the number of email addresses from a certain domain in our database.

Domain Search2 credits per request
Snov.io will find up to 100 emails on each domain. All the available additional information about the email owner will be added.

Add Emails for Verification 0.5 credit per email
Add email addresses to the verification queue with this method. You can then receive the results using the Email Verifier method.

Email Verifier – Free
Verify the validity of email addresses. Retrieving verification results using this method is free if we have verified the provided email address before. If not, you should first use the Add Emails for Verification method and collect the results using the Email Verifier method again.

Email Finder 1 credit per request
Email Finder finds email addresses using the person’s first, last name, and a domain name. 

Add Names to Find Emails Free
You can try to push the request for an email search using this method if Snov.io does not have the emails you are looking for in its database and cannot provide these email addresses via the Email Finder.

Get Profile with Email 1 credit per request
Provide an email address and Snov.io will find all the profile information connected to the provided email address owner from the database. 

Add Prospect to ListFree
This method will be useful for those who want to automate adding prospects to lists with active email drip campaigns. 

Find Prospect by ID Free
If you know the id of a specific prospect in your list, you can get full information about them, including the lists and campaigns they’ve been added to.

Find Prospect by Email Free
When you search by email, you receive a list of all prospects tied to this email address. Every element of the list contains full information on the prospect, including the lists and campaigns they’ve been added to.

Change recipient’s status Free
You can change the status of a recipient in a specific campaign.

Email Drip Campaigns

We do not charge credits for our Drip Campaigns tool, as it uses recipients, not credits. Find out how to launch your email drip campaign