How to use the Bulk Email Verification tool

To verify multiple emails without adding them to the prospect list on a platform, use the Bulk Email Verification tool. Here’s how:

Choose Bulk Email Verification from the Verify emails drop-down menu on the left.

Next, choose the email address entry option. There are 2 options:

  1. Add from file: upload your file with up to 25,000 emails for verification.
  2. Add manually: add emails for verification manually (copy-paste or one by one) and we’ll compile all entered emails into a file with verification results.

Add from file 

Use the Add from file option to upload a prepared file with the emails for verification.

You can upload a CSV, XLS, XLSX, or TXT file with a list of up to 25,000 email addresses (25,000 lines) from your computer. The file size should not exceed 10MB.

If the upload is successful, you’ll see the preview of the data lines. Choose the column with emails for verification by clicking on it. Сheck the Use first row for headers option if the first line of the column is used for headings to skip the data from this line during processing and verification. 

Click the Upload file button and will begin processing the file and verifying emails.

Please note that file processing may take some time. You can leave the page before this process is completed – the file will finish processing in the background. You can observe the status of the file in the Progress column:

Once the file is processed, you’ll see the number of emails found in the file.
Click the Verify button to begin verification.

Once the verification is completed, you will see new information in the following columns:

  • Progress column will display data about the verification progress (number of emails verified or in queue).
  • Status column will now show the number of emails with each verification status
  • Lists column will show the lists to which the verified emails have been added. If not added to a list, the column will instead display the Add to list button. You may choose the list to add the uploaded emails to by clicking the Add to list button. 

You can additionally download the file with verification results added to the original data. To do this, click on the Export icon. 

Choose which emails you want to export depending on their statuses (valid, invalid, unverifiable) and the format option – CSV, XLSX, Google Sheets. Then click the Download button.

To delete the processed file, click the Trash icon.

Please note: Verification results are automatically deleted after 90 days.

If you’d like to find a specific file, you can search for lists by name:

You can also sort processed files by name (alphabetically), status and upload date:

Add manually

Use Add manually option to enter emails for verification manually, either by copy-pasting or one by one. 

Here’s how to verify emails in bulk using this option:

  1. In the Name field enter the name of the list (the platform compiles each batch of entered emails into a list with the entered Name for easier management, so pick an easily understandable name).
  2. In the Email addresses field enter the emails you want to verify. You can separate them with commas, semicolons, spaces or line breaks. Please note that the Name and Email addresses fields are required and can’t be left empty.
  3. Click the Upload button.

Once you’ve clicked the Upload button, a line will appear showing the number of all valid and invalid entries. Invalid entries are emails that do not fit the email address format.

Now click the Add valid entries button to begin verification of entered emails. You can also click the Download invalid entries button to save the list with the data that has not been validated.

After you’ve clicked the Add valid entries button, you will see the status and results of the verification in the table below. You will see a line for the uploaded list and 5 columns:

  1. List name is the name of the added list with emails.
  2. Progress shows the processing status of the email list (number of emails verified or/and in queue).
  3. Status displays the number of emails with each verification status
  4. Added column shows the exact time you added the entry.
  5. The column Lists displays the list to which the verification results have been added. If not added yet, it will display the Add to list button. You can choose to add verified emails to a list by clicking the Add to list button.

You can also download verified emails to your device by clicking the Export icon.  

To download, choose which email statuses you want to export and the file format, and click the Download button.

To delete the processed file, click the Trash icon. 

Please note: The verification results are automatically deleted after 90 days.

To search for a specific uploaded list, enter the list name in the search bar.

You can also sort uploaded lists by file name (alphabetically), status, and upload date.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our Customer Care team. We’re always happy to help!

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