How to use Email Finder extension for Chrome

Through this tutorial, you will find out how to use the extension for finding leads from various sources online. Email Finder extension for Chrome is your effective lead generation assistant that can help you build a lead database for your business in a way you may not have even thought of. 

Using Email Finder in various places online will allow you to expand your lead sourcing and find quality contacts.

Before we start:

  •  Install Email Finder to your Chrome.
  •  Click the puzzle icon  in the top right corner of your browser and pin Email Finder to the extensions bar.

Use case #1: Collecting emails and prospects from a company website

Using Email Finder extension, you can find and save employee emails from company websites to your lists.

Step 1: Open a company website in your browser

Step 2: Launch the extension

Click on the Email Finder extension in the extensions menu at the top right to launch it.

Step 3: Save emails and prospects

When you launch Email Finder, a pop-up window will appear with two tabs: Prospects and All domain emails.

The Prospects (1) tab provides a preview list of available company prospect profiles enriched with names, verified emails, job position, and location.

You can select the prospects you want to add to your list and click the Save button. If you want to save prospects to a specific list, click the downward arrow at the bottom to select or create a list.

To open your prospect list, click the Go to list button. 

Tip: To quickly save a prospect or an email contact to a chosen list, click the Add to list button next to it.

The All domain emails (2) tab shows a preview list of company domain emails, including unverified employee and department emails.

To save emails from the preview list, select the ones you want to save and click the Save button. Then, click the Go to list button to open your prospect list.

Learn: To save more emails and prospects, click View all results. You will then be redirected to a company profile page where you can browse a complete list of company leads.

Use case #2: Collecting leads from Google search results

Step 1: Find companies on Google search

To begin, open Google search and enter a search query using keywords that describe the type of companies you are interested in.

For example, you could search for “apparel manufacturers in the USA”.

Step 2 : Launch Email Finder

Click on the Email Finder icon located in the extensions bar at the top right corner of your browser.

A pop-up window will appear, showing a list of companies found on the current search results page.

Step 3: Save companies or find contacts

After activating the extension, you have two options to select from:

1) Find contacts 

You can use this option to search for company prospects and emails in bulk. By selecting this option, you will be directed to the Bulk Domain Search page, where you can choose the type of contact you want and start your search.

  • Prospects: This option provides prospect profiles enriched with details such as names, verified emails, job positions, etc.
  • Emails only: This option allows you to find unverified employee and department emails for the selected companies.

Learn more in our guide on how to find company contacts in bulk ⇒.

2) Save companies

You can use this option to save company profiles to your companies list, and then find email contacts of employees at a later time.

To save company profiles, follow these steps:

Select the company profiles you wish to save.

Click the downward arrow at the bottom to either select an existing list or create a new one.

Click Save companies.

Click Go to list to open your saved company list.

Learn more about how to find emails and prospects from your saved company list here.

Use case #3: Collecting company data and business emails from Yelp

You can save company profiles from their Yelp business pages, including their website, headquarters phone number, and 

Once saved, these company profiles can be easily searched for emails and prospects or exported to spreadsheets directly from your account.

Firstly, visit the Yelp website.

Next, use the search bar located at the top of the page to search for the desired business page by entering a relevant keyword or the name of the specific company.

Then, launch the Email Finder extension located in the menu at the top right-hand corner of the page.

Select a list and click the Save button.

Once you have saved a company to your list, you can easily view its profile and discover associated prospects and emails.

To learn more about how to find and save leads from company lists, please refer to the tutorial.

Use case #4: Searching for prospects on Twitter

Using’s Email Finder extension, you can find people’s email addresses from their Twitter profiles.

  • Go to your Twitter account.
  • Type a keyword into a search bar (person’s name or job title).
  • Choose People tab on the results page.
  • Open a profile page of your prospect.

Note: If you use a job title or other filters, you can also collect prospects in bulk from search results pages. 

  • Launch Email Finder on the extensions menu at the top right.
  • Click a downward arrow at the bottom to choose a list to save a prospect to.

Click the Save button.

  • Click Go to list to open your prospect list and see the prospect you’ve saved. 

Email Finder generates an email address if the profile contains required information (real name, company domain address). 

If an email address can’t be found, a prospect’s profile will be saved to your list with ‘Can’t find email’ status.

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