How to use Email Finder extension for Chrome

With Email Finder Chrome extension, you can save emails and prospects on company websites and search results pages.

You can build targeted contact lists simply by activating Email Finder on any website you visit!

Here’s a short guide on how to use the extension:

Install Email Finder

Click on the link to add Email Finder to your Chrome from web store. Skip this step if you’ve already installed it.

Pin to dashboard

Click the puzzle icon in the top right corner of your browser and pin Email Finder to the extensions bar.

Collect emails and prospects from a company website

  • Visit a company website of your choice
  • Activate Email Finder (click on the extension icon )

  • Select necessary leads and emails 
  • Choose your prospect list to save them to
  • Click the Save selected button


Note: Preview screen shows 10 relevant contacts and emails from a company.

Click Full company profile to open a plugin history page and view a full list of available leads and emails. 

Plugin history page shows a list of websites where you activated Email Finder extension. Click on the company record to open its complete profile. 

Open Prospects tab to see a list of company leads.

Select necessary contacts (All on page or tick one by one) and click + Add to list button. 

Tip: Use Filter by position to find a person by their role in the company. 

Open All Domain Emails tab to see a list of non-personal company emails.

Learn more about how to use Domain Search tool and add domain-based emails here.

Collect emails from a Google search results 

Email Finder can also help you find email addresses related to your search topic.

  • Open Google
  • Enter the keywords you’re interested in
  • Activate Email Finder
  • Click Find Emails

Tip: You can also click Save domains to save them to your companies list to visit their profiles later. 

Set up search options:

  • Contacts by domain – the number of emails or prospects you want to save from each domain
  • Email only – find email contacts without prospect data
  • Prospects – find email contacts + additional prospect data (name, job title, etc.)

Click Find emails.

On search results preview, see how many prospects were found. 

Choose a prospect list to save contacts to and click Save selected. 

Check out our video tutorials about Email Finder:

Get familiar with FAQ about Email Finder for more insight. 

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