How to get email contacts from a list of links to social network profiles

If you have a list of URLs of people’s social profiles and want to get the emails of these people, this tool can help you.

It is very easy to use:

1. Choose the Social URL Search option in the Find Emails drop-down menu.

url search

2. Upload your CSV or TXT file with links to social network profiles (LinkedIn or Twitter).

Here’s an example of the list for uploading:

url search

Please note: can only process up to 20,000 lines in your list. Besides, your file should not exceed 10MB.

When the file is chosen, hit the Start search button.

url search

3. Once the search is done, click Add to list.

url search

You’ll immediately see a message telling you exactly how many credits you will be charged if we provide you the emails for all the links in your file. Each email address returns costs 1 credit. We never charge credits for invalid email addresses. 

url search

4. Now click the Open list button, that will take you to the list of prospects where you can see the search results. All the provided emails are already verified.

url search

Watch our short video tutorial on how to use social URL search to collect contacts from a list of LinkedIn and Twitter profile URLs.

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