How to identify technologies and software behind websites

Curious to check what technology is used by a company on their website? Want to find what tech your prospective clients use or which companies use the software you compete with?

Using Technology Сhecker, you can identify the technologies behind company websites for free and filter companies that use a certain technology stack. 

It’s capable to detect implemented CMS, CRMs, email marketing tools, e-commerce solutions, programming languages, and other software used to build, run, or manage a website.

Checking tech on a single company website 

Here’s how to run a technology check on a specific company website:

Install the extension from Chrome store.

Open a company website.

Launch Technology Checker on the extensions menu at the top right.

Technologies section on the extension pop-up will list the software sorted by categories. Click on any technology that interests you to open a list of other companies that use it.

Click the Save button to save a company profile to your companies list. 

Learn how to save leads from company lists in this tutorial.

Finding companies based on their technology stack 

Using our Technology Checker web application, you can easily filter and find companies that use certain technologies or software and download their website URLs. 

Here’s how to find a list of companies using technologies filter: 

Open Technology Checker page.

Type a technology into the search bar or scroll down and select from different categories.

You can select up to 10 technologies for one search

Click the Search button once you’ve filled the search bar.

On the next screen, you can specify additional parameters and apply them to the search. 

  • filter type: Or: to show websites that use at least one of the technologies in the search bar; And: to show companies that use every technology in the search bar. 
  • max number of websites on the search results list (up to 20000).

To add more search parameters, click Advanced search.

In the advanced search you can choose the following criteria:

  • Industry
  • Employee number
  • Country
  • Language

Click the Search button to apply additional paramaters.  

Preview shows 10 websites that match search parameters. 

To download a complete list of websites, click Export results to CSV file.

Here’s an example of an exported CSV file with the results.

tech check

Finding prospects from websites 

The next thing you can do is to find leads associated with companies on the search results list.

This way you can contact people who are using your competitors’ products.

Click Find people to contact.

You’ll be prompted to a Bulk Domain Search page where you can set-up a search for company leads. Find out how to get leads from company websites in bulk here.

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