How to track your outgoing emails inside your Gmail account Email Tracker for Gmail lets you stay updated on your emails’ performance. Here’s how to use it in a few simple steps:

1. Install Email Tracker extension

  • Find our extension on Chrome Web Store.
  • Click the Add to Chrome button.
  • Refresh the page if you’re already on your Gmail account page.

2. Enable tracking of your emails and choose the settings

When you are in your Gmail account for the first time or refreshing the page after installing the extension, you’ll see the message with a request to activate Email Tracker for the current account.

Once the tracker is enabled, you can configure the settings by clicking on the extension icon.

Here you can:

  • Select accounts from which you need to track email messages
  • Disable link tracking
  • Configure push notifications for email opens and link clicks
  • Сhoose whether you want to hide notifications automatically

Once you configure your settings, every email you send will be automatically tracked.

3. Send your message at a specific time (optional)

You can schedule your emails using Email Tracker. To do this, please click on the email icon as shown below and you can schedule the date and time for your email.

When you schedule your email, it will be saved to Drafts until the set date and time of sending. If you launch the sending before the scheduled time and date, the previous settings will be deactivated.

Please note, the Send Later option can be used only when composing a new message and can’t be used if you use the Reply button.

4. Set up reminders for follow-ups (optional)

To set up a reminder click on the clock icon and check the Remind me box to activate this function. Once it is activated, you can customize the following options: 

Set up the reminder time

Set up the condition

No clicks – If the recipient didn’t follow the link in this email.
Never read –  If the message wasn’t opened.
No reply – If there was no reply to the message that was sent with an active No reply reminder.
In any case – send a reminder unconditionally.

The letter that was sent with an activated reminder will be marked with the following icon in your Gmail account’s list of Sent and Inbox messages:

5. Disable tracking for a specific message (optional)

When composing a message which you don’t need to track, click on the bell icon as shown below:

If it is purple, the tracker is enabled, if grey – disabled.

6. See email statuses

You will receive push notifications according to your settings (chosen in step 2). Besides this, you can view your emails’ statuses in your Gmail account in the Sent folder. They will be displayed through tags,

7. See the email’s history

We have added a new panel where you can see a detailed opens and clicks history.

To see this panel, open the email (or the email chain) and click on the icon on the right-side menu (if it’s a G Suite account). For basic accounts this panel will open automatically

Note: the email history shows the statistics for the whole message chain.

You can also subscribe for regular summary reports on the performance of your emails. 

Please also note that if you’ve set an option “send email as” using non-Gmail alias and external SMTP server, like, our system won’t be able to track emails.

We don’t add any signatures, logos or trademarks to your email messages and our extension is absolutely free.


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