About warm-up slots and warm-up limits

In this article, you’ll learn about mailbox warm-ups (aka warm-up slots), or how many email accounts you can warm-up and how many warm-up emails you can send.

How do warm-up slots work

If we think of the Email Warm-up as a fireplace that can accommodate a fixed number of mailboxes at once, the warm-up slot is like a seat near the fireplace.

When you add your email address to a warm-up, it takes a seat (aka warm-up slot) and stays there during the warm-up campaign.

If you remove this email address from the warm-up, the slot becomes vacant and you can place another email account to that slot.

The number of warm-up slots you have depends on your plan and means how many email accounts you can warm up at the same time.

What are warm-up volume limits

The Email Warm-up lasts until it sends a fixed number of emails per day for every slot. 

If you replace or re-add the email account in the warm-up slot during the day, the volume limit does not reset.

As your plan gets higher, the warm-up lasts longer with more emails sent and more slots are added.

The following table shows each pricing plan’s warm-up capabilities.

Pricing plan Trial 




Pro 5K 


Pro 20K


Pro 50K


Pro 100K


Warm-up slots available 1 3 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Maximum warm-up emails per day 15 50 100 200 500 1000
Monthly warm-up emails for all warm-up slots  450* 1 500 9 000 36 000 180 000 750 000

*The Trial plan does not automatically renew monthly warm-up emails at the end of the billing period. Upgrade here to expand your limits.

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