How to find leads using Database Search

The Database Search tool provides access to’s extensive lead database.

You can find leads that match the criteria of your ideal customer profile, including location, job title, industry, location, and more, using flexible search filters.

The prospects you save from our database have pre-verified email addresses and LinkedIn profile links, so you can engage with them using our automation tools.

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Before you start searching the database: Determine your ICP.

Searching for leads should always begin with creating your ideal customer profile (ICP) – someone who is more likely than others to close a deal with you.

If you don’t have the characteristics of your ICP, follow the steps outlined in the first chapter of this article.

The ICP is a set of details that describe the people who can get the greatest value from your offer.

After researching your target audience, you’ll have several different ICPs like these:

  • UK/Computer software/50-200 employees, Sales Representatives
  • USA/E-commerce/100-500 employees, Marketing Managers
  • France/Consulting/10-50 employees, HR Directors

You’ll use these attributes as parameters for your search.


Now, let’s overview the search setup process:

Step 1: Open Database Search and apply filters

To open the search setup page, choose Database Search in the Find Leads menu of your account.

On the Prospects tab, apply search filters. There are two categories of filters:

(1) People filters: to filter prospects based on their location, job title, and skills.

(2) Company filters: to segment prospects based on their company details, such as industry and company size.

There are also 2 types of filter parameters:

  • Include: means that selected keywords will be included in search results. 
  • Exclude: means that selected keywords will not be included in search results.

Note: You can add multiple parameters to each filter to segment prospects better match your ICP more precisely — up to 10 parameters per filter. For example, you can include 10 job titles per search.

This is helpful when you need to cover multiple locations or add a few similar job titles to encompass a broader lead base.

Step 2: Start search and save prospects

Once you’ve applied filters, click the Search button.

At the top, you’ll see the Prospects found number, which represents the total number of leads available for your search.

Search results preview includes the prospect’s name, job title, current company, and email (which remains hidden until you add a prospect to your list).

There are two ways to save prospects from the results list:

1) Save in bulk: Save all selected prospects by clicking Add to list at the top (maximum 25 per page).

You can select the whole page at once by checking the box at the top left.

2) Save one by one: Save specific prospects by clicking Add to list on the right.

If a prospect has a valid (green) or unverifiable (yellow) email address, saving them will cost 1 credit.

To open the next page of search results, click Next at the bottom.

Note about alternative emails:

In some rare cases, you may notice that the domain in the prospect’s email address differs from the current company name displayed in the search results.

Here’s why: If there is no relevant email from the current company, or if the email is invalid, we’ll search for the prospect’s alternative email address from a related company.

This email address belongs to the same prospect but is associated with their current job position at another company.

You will still be charged for saving prospects with alternative emails, if their email status is valid (green) or unverifiable (yellow).


As you do more database searches, they are recorded in the Recent searches section on the right.

You have the option to Save your recent searches along with their filters.

Under Saved searches section, click on a search entry to review its details and reload its filters into your current search parameters.

This allows you to quickly repeat the search with the same filters and save additional prospects who share those attributes.

What’s next:

Now that you’ve collected a list of leads that match your ICP, the next step is to engage with them using’s automated sequences.

Read how to set up sales engagement campaigns in this article –>


1. How much credits does it cost to use Database Search?

Using the search function to see results preview is free.

If a prospect has a valid (green) or unverifiable (yellow) email address, saving them will cost 1 credit.

Searching and saving companies to your list is free. Opening a company profile costs 1 credit.

You will not be charged for prospects whose email addresses cannot be found or those that are duplicates, i.e., previously saved prospects.

2. Are the emails in database up-to-date?

Our goal is to provide you with the most relevant and correct email addresses.

We filter out any invalid emails from our database and run additional verification on older emails to ensure they are up-to-date when you add them to your list.

3. Are there any limits to how many prospects I can find by doing a search?

With a free Trial plan, a single search request can provide up to 25 prospects or companies.

On premium plans, a single search request in the database has a maximum cap for results: 10,000 prospects or 5,000 companies.

4. How many prospects and companies do you have in your database? 

Our database contains millions of verified leads. It is constantly updated and the number of leads it contains is always growing.

If you have a question that we haven’t covered, feel free to reach out to our Customer Care team. You can contact us at or through live chat. We’re here to assist you!

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