How to find emails from a list of names and company domains

In this article, you’ll learn how to find email addresses in bulk by uploading a file with names and company domains.

Using Bulk Email Search, you can find emails in bulk by uploading a list of prospect names and company domains.

This tool can be especially useful for you if you have a large list of leads, as searching for emails in bulk will save you time.

Follow the steps below to use it:

Step. 1: Open Bulk Email Search page

Choose the Bulk Email Search tool from the Finder Tools –> page in your account.

Step. 2: Upload a file with names and company domains

Click the Upload file button and select the file from your computer.

To ensure that your uploaded file is processed correctly, certain requirements must be met.

  • Upload files in CSV format only.
  • Ensure that your file has the following three columns with data: First name, Last name, and Company domain name.
  • Maximum number of lines in a file is 50,000 per search. 

Here’s an example of the file formatting:

The column names and order do not need to match the example shown above, as they can be mapped in the following step.

Note: It’s possible to have additional data columns, but ensure that the required columns are included along with any others.


Step. 3: Map data columns

In the preview of the uploaded file, match the names of the data columns with their corresponding content by selecting options from a drop-down list.

Tip: If your file has headers for the data columns, you can skip this line during the search by enabling the Use first row for headers option.


Once you have mapped your data columns, click on the Search button to initiate the search.

Step. 4: Confirm and start the search

Before the search starts, you will see an estimated credit cost for this search if is able to find an email contact for every prospect in your file.

Think of it as the maximum search cost, not the actual amount of credits that will be charged. You will only be charged for the email contacts that are found (1 credit per email).

Click Ok to continue.

Step. 5: Review the search results

Once your file is processed, you’ll be able to review the results.

To view the results in your prospect list, click on the Open list button, or you can use the Export option to download the search results as a file.

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