How to get email contacts from a list of names

If you have a file with a list of employees’ names and their companies, can find the email addresses of these people for you. Just follow these steps:

Step 1. Choose the Bulk Email Search tool from the Find Leads drop-down menu on the left. 

Step 2. Choose your file for uploading.

Click the Choose file button and open the needed file. It must be in CSV format and contain 3 columns: First name, Last name, and Company’s domain.

Here’s an example of the uploaded file:

Step 3. Upload your file.

In the preview of the uploaded file, choose the value of the column from the drop-down list — First name, Last name, and Company URL, aka domain name (1).

If the first row in your file is used as the data headings, check the Use first row for headers option to skip the data from this line during the search (2).  

Now, click the Upload file button (3).

Step 4. Confirm transaction.

Before the search starts, the system will tell you how many credits it will cost.
If you want to continue, click Ok.

Step 5. Review the search results.

Once the search is complete, the Open list button will appear, and your search will be saved to the tool’s history.

You can now see the list and review the search results by clicking the Open list button. All email addresses provided will be verified.

You can also export or delete the results directly from the Bulk Email Search page.


To export the search results, click the Download icon. 

In the pop-up window, choose the email statuses you want to export – valid, invalid, unverifiable (1) – and the format option – CSV, XLSX, Google Sheets (2).
Next, click the
Download button (3).


To delete the search results from the tool’s history, click the Delete icon. 

Now, confirm deletion or cancel.

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to easily find leads for your business with Single Email Search tool:

Find out about the other Email Finder features in the quick overview:

If you need to verify emails that have not been collected through, you can do it using Email Verifier.

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