How to start warming up your mailbox with

This tutorial will quickly guide you through starting your warm-up.

Looking for a deeper dive into Email Warm-up, including how it works, its settings and capabilities? Jump into our extended guide here. Email Warm-up prepares your email account for larger-than-usual sending volumes and avoiding ESP filters to guarantee good deliverability and inbox placement.

It works by building (or recovering) your sender reputation through consistent email exchange with other warm-up users and positive email engagement.

After warm-up, any deliverability issues caused by spam filters or low reputation are resolved and your emails go to Inbox, not spam or Promotions.

Let’s get your warm-up running without more ado:

Choose a mailbox

Go to the Email Warm-up page and click the + Add mailbox button.

On the next screen, open the drop-down menu and select a mailbox you want to warm up.

Or click + Add new mailbox to connect it to

Email Warm-up supports the following email service providers:

We have pre-filled the rest of the warm-up settings to the recommended defaults for your convenience.

Scroll down and click the Next button.

Select your warm-up strategy

There’s a strategy for you to choose depending on your current needs:

Progressive strategy

We’ll gradually increase the number of daily warm-up emails with Progressive strategy.  

Choose this strategy to prepare your email account for email campaigns and increase your sending volume. 

Steady strategy

Steady warm-up sends the same amount of warm-up emails every day throughout the whole warm-up.

Choose this strategy to recover your sender reputation and guarantee good deliverability. 

Click the Next button to jump to the next step.

See a preview of AI-generated email copy

We’ve put together a collection of realistic email templates so you don’t have to spend time on writing your warm-up emails

Backed by our AI companion, we will create a unique text for each message.

You’ll recognize these emails as warm-ups because they have “snv” in the subject line and are organized nicely in a separate “snovio” folder in your inbox.

During a warm-up, you will be getting emails from our dedicated inboxes and from other real participants.

Click the Next button to get to a final step.

Start your warm-up 

On the Warm-up campaign review page, review its summary and a chart of scheduled warm-up emails for the next 14 days.

With a default scheduling, it will send warm-up emails every day during the daytime.

Click the Start button to begin warming-up your mailbox!

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