Verify your prospect list

With Email Verifier, you can check your emails for validity and clean your prospect lists from abandoned or inactive emails thus reducing your bounce rate.

After you’ve filled your list with emails or uploaded your own contacts file, we recommend to verify the list (if it hasn’t been already) before starting an email campaign.

General tips and info:

We charge you 0,5 credits/email only when we mark an email valid or invalid. You won’t be charged if the email status cannot be determined. 

There is a daily verification limit of 1000 emails per domain. We will verify as many emails within this limit as possible, and you will be able to verify the rest the next day.

Verification cost is the same for emails found with or uploaded emails. 

After verification,  an email address gets one of the statutes below. Learn more about email statuses here.

Valid: email address exists and is active

Unverifiable: email address status cannot be determined

Invalid: email address does not exist or is not active anymore

There are a couple of ways to use verification system

Check individual email addresses in a prospect list

  • Open your prospect list and select the emails you’d like to check
  • Click the Verify email button
  • Confirm and wait for results 

Check the whole prospect list

  • Open your prospect list
  • Click the Verify list button
  • Confirm and wait until verification is completed

Verify through API

You can use’s email verifier API to integrate email validation directly into your platform or add emails for verification via API call.

Learn more from our help article and API documentation.

If you have any additional questions about our email verifier tool, check out our FAQ or contact our team. We will gladly help you.

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