How to verify email addresses

There are a couple of ways to clean up an email list and verify emails. You can verify a list of emails found with, or upload your own CSV file with emails:

  • If you need to verify the whole list, just use the Verify list button:

  • If you’d like to verify only chosen email addresses, tick those which you need and verify the selected profile:

Check how to verify a single email address if it is not on your list. 

Before starting, you’ll see this message:


When the email verification is over, you’ll get a message sent to your email address.
After an email address is verified, will assign it one of the following statuses:

Valid email address (that means that the email is correct and exists)

Unverifiable (Risky) email address (this email address is able to receive messages but due to a domain-wide setting, it is not possible to determine a true validity of such email).

Invalid email address (the email address does not exist or is not active anymore)

Verification via Chrome extension costs 0.5 credit for each valid or invalid email. You won’t be charged if the email is Unverifiable (Risky).

Verification from an uploaded file costs 0.5 credit for each valid or invalid email. 

Check out our short video tutorial on how to use’s Email Verifier:

If you have any additional questions about our email verifier tool, check out our FAQ or contact our team. We will gladly help you. 

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