What are the email verification statuses

Our email checker verifies emails based on a number of methods. After verification, an email address gets one of three statuses.

Valid (green) email address – means an email is correct and exists.

Unverifiable (yellow) email address – this email address is able to receive messages but due to a domain-wide setting, it is not possible to determine a true validity of such email, so we mark them as Unverifiable. Such emails are also known as “catch-all'” or “accept-all” emails. 

Invalid (red) email address – means an email address does not exist or is not active anymore.

Before verification, the email address has this icon  indicating its Unverified status.

Sometimes there are prospects with personal information such as a photo or work experience etc, however, there is no email address. Such prospects are marked with this icon , meaning Can’t find email.

Note that there are some exceptions when the emails cannot be verified and added to your prospect. Sometimes email addresses can be deleted from the platform due to the owner’s request or other legal reasons. In this case, they may not be added to any list on the platform and our users cannot send emails to them.

If you have any additional questions about our email verifier tool, check out our FAQ or contact our team. We will gladly help you. 

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