How bypasses greylisting for verification accuracy

In this article, you’ll learn about greylisting technology and how takes an extra step to bypass it to get more precise email verification results.

Some companies use greylisting technology on their email servers to improve spam detection and reduce unwanted email traffic.

How greylisting works

With a greylisting activated, email servers don’t accept incoming emails on the first attempt.

Instead, they require the sending server to retry again after a specified delay.

A well-configured mail server tries to resend an email after a delay until it’s accepted or rejected by the receiving mail server.

How bypasses greylisting

Greylisting technology also affects the email verification process because the recipient’s email server blocks our attempts to determine email’s validity status.

When encountered with greylisting, takes an extra step and retries verification too to ensure the most accurate results possible.


Our approach to bypassing greylisting involves:

A waiting period: We wait for a specific amount of time. The waiting time may vary from a minute to an hour.

Retry verification: We attempt to connect to the email server again. The email address is confirmed valid only if we were able to connect with email server.

If the retries didn’t bring any success and email server didn’t respond to our requests, we classify the email address as “Unverifiable”.

Learn more about possible email verification statuses here –>

Accuracy worth the wait: While this method may take slightly longer to verify the email, it significantly boosts the number of valid emails you receive. It also reduces the number of false positives and helps you improve email campaign results.

Verification progress during bypassing

During email verification, we want to keep you informed when greylisting bypassing is in the process.

Here’s the message you’ll see:


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