How to install LI Prospect Finder extension for Chrome (from a zip)

With LI Prospect Finder Chrome extension, you can easily find anyone’s email address on LinkedIn and gather multiple pages of prospects at once, along with all their profile information.

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Let’s get you started and install LI Prospect Finder in a few steps:

 Download LI Prospect Finder zip file (ver.: 2.2.3 from 23.02.2023).

  • Click on the archive link above to save the zip file to your computer.

Extract the zip file’s contents

  • Locate the file on your computer.

For quick access from Chrome, click Ctrl+J ⇒ Show in folder.

Extract zip file to a directory of your choice.

Unzipped extension folder needs to remain in the same directory after installation. Make sure to unzip a file to a convenient file location where it would stay always.

Enable Developer mode in Chrome

Go to the Extensions page in your Chrome. You can access it in two ways:

  • type or copy chrome://extensions/ into browser address bar and press Enter.
  • click on the tree dots in the top right of the browser click More tools ⇒ click Extensions.

Turn on Developer mode switch in the top right corner.

Upload extension folder into Chrome

  • Go back to the chrome://extensions/ page.
  • Open your file manager while on the Extensions page.
  • Locate the unzipped “li-prospect-finder” folder.
  • Drag & drop it anywhere onto the Extensions page to install.

Pin to the extensions bar

  • Click the puzzle icon  in the top right corner of your browser.
  • Pin LI Prospect Finder to the extensions bar.

FAQs and troubleshooting

1. I get “manifest error” durring installation. How to fix it?

On the Step 4, make sure that the folder you upload has a manifest.json file inside.

2. Can I install LI Prospect Finder to another browser (Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari)?

LI Prospect Finder extension was developed for Google Chrome browser and we cannot guarantee it will work correctly with other browsers. Please use it only with Google Chrome browser.

3. Can I delete the extension folder after I install it?

Unzipped extension folder needs to remain in the same directory after installation. Please don’t delete it or move to another file locations.

4. I’m not sure if I’m using the latest version. How to update my extension?

To update your extension, please reinstall it.

  • Remove your current version from Chrome
  • Go through the installation steps from the beginning

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