How to install LI Prospect Finder extension for Chrome


Step 1: Download

Step 2: Unpack

Step 3. Enable Developer mode

Step 4. Load unpacked extension

With LI Prospect Finder Chrome extension, you can easily find anyone’s email address on LinkedIn and gather multiple pages of prospects at once, along with all their profile information.

Start building valuable connections with LI Prospect Finder now!

Let’s get you started and install LI Prospect Finder in a few steps:

Step 1. Download LI Prospect Finder (ver.: 1.2.30 from 29.06.2022).

Click on the archive link to save it to your computer. It will be saved to a default Downloads location.

Step 2. Unpack the archive.

Locate the file on your computer.
Note: for quick access from Chrome, click Ctrl+J → Show in folder.

If you tend to clean or move files from your Downloads occasionally, make sure to unpack the archive to a convenient file location where it would stay untouched.

To unpack the extension:

  • On PC: right-click the li-prospect-finder .zip file →Extract All→select a file destination →Extract.

  • On Mac OS: double-click the file.

After unpacking is done, the unzipped file with the same name appears in the same folder as the .zip file.

Step 3. Enable Developer mode

Click on the three dots in the top right corner of your Chrome → find More Tools subsection → open Extensions menu.

Next, enable Developer mode in the upper right corner.

Step 4. Load unpacked extension

Click the Load unpacked button in the top left corner of the Extensions page. 

Locate the unzipped li-prospect-finder folder on your computer, highlight it with one click and hit Select Folder.

On this step, there’s a chance you get the “Could not load manifest error”, but don’t sweat it. We’re close! Let’s just repeat this step and resolve the error.

Click Cancel → go back to Load Unpacked → double-click to open the li-prospect-finder folder.

Highlight the nested within folder with the same name and hit Select Folder.

Now the LI Prospect Finder extension is installed on your Chrome. You will see it in your Extensions menu.

To pin LI Prospect Finder icon to the extensions bar in the top right corner of your Chrome, find Extensions icon in the form of a puzzle, and click Pin.

Now you’re all set to find prospects from LinkedIn and save them to your list!

Note: you will need to re-install LI Prospect Finder when we release an updated version.
Once we roll out an update, you’ll see a notification on the extension window.

Important: Do not move, edit, or delete the unzipped li-prospect-finder folder to avoid errors while using the extension. 

Learn how to use LI Prospect Finder with our video tutorial (installation tips included). Happy prospecting!

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