How to update LI Prospect Finder extension

To ensure the best performance and avoid any problems, we regularly update the LI Prospect Finder extension for Chrome. Please check for new versions and keep your extension up-to-date.

Keep an eye out for notifications within the app or in your browser.

TL;DR: If you are familiar with how to install the extension manually, updating won’t take up much of your time since it’s essentially just a reinstallation.

To update your extension:

Step 1: Remove the current version from your browser

Step 2: Download LI Prospect Finder zip file (ver.: 2.3.3 from 24.05.2024)

Step 3: Install the extension again

Here are detailed instructions on how to update the LI Prospect Finder extension:

Step 1. Remove the old version from Chrome

Open the Chrome browser and type chrome://extensions/ into the address bar to access the Extensions page.

Click Remove under LI Prospect Finder to delete your current version.

Tip: To avoid mixing up extension versions during updating, locate the LI Prospect Finder folder that you previously installed and delete it from your computer.

Step 2: Download LI Prospect Finder zip file (ver.: 2.3.3 from 24.05.2024)

Click on the archive link above to save the zip file to your computer.

Step 3 : Extract extension zip file

The third step is to extract the contents of the zip file to a folder on your computer.

Locate the “” file on your computer.

Tip: To quickly access the file in Chrome, use the shortcut Ctrl+J and select “Show in folder. 


After extracting is done, a folder named “li-prospect-finder” will appear in the default file location or the location you selected.

Important: After installation, it is important to keep the extracted extension folder in the same directory. Please ensure that you extract the file to a convenient location where it will remain permanently. Don’t move it to another directory or delete it.

We do not recommend extracting the file into the default Downloads location if you tend to clean or move files from it occasionally.

Step 4 : Check Developer mode

Make sure that the Developer mode remains enabled to continue.

Type chrome://extensions/ into the address bar to access the Extensions page.

Step 5 : Upload extension folder into Chrome

Click the Load unpacked button in the top left corner.

In your file manager, locate the “li-prospect-finder” folder that contains the extension files you extracted in Step 3.

Then, select the folder or drag and drop it onto the Extensions page to install.

The extension will now be installed and available to use in your Chrome browser.

Note: To avoid installation errors, please make sure that you upload the “li-prospect-finder” folder, which contains manifest.json file.

Step 6 : Pin to the extensions bar

Pin the extension icon onto Chrome’s quick access toolbar to quickly launch it while prospecting.

Click the puzzle icon in the top right corner.

Click Pin  next to the LI Prospect Finder.

FAQs and troubleshooting

1. I get “Manifest file is missing” error during installation. How can I fix it?

When you reach Step 4, make sure to upload the folder with extension files that contains the “manifest.json” file.

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