Ramzi Barkat

With Snov.io we discovered new ways of lead generation.

Ramzi Barkat

Business Development Manager at Gamiphy.

Ramzi Barkat
Business Development Manager at Gamiphy.
About company

Gamiphy offers e-commerce a digital loyalty system that can be easily plugged in and customized to help acquire, engage and retain more customers.

The challenge

We had a problem generating qualified leads for Gamiphy. We knew our target market was the e-commerce industry but had trouble contacting the person we needed which was a marketing or e-commerce manager at any online business.

Before Snov.io, we would find leads manually. As you can imagine, finding leads manually was at least x10 slower. We tried switching to an email finding tool, but it could not help us with the verification of the found emails.

Lead generation was not the only process we were struggling to optimize. We would send out every email marketing campaign manually, which was extremely time-consuming, while using larger email campaign sending services like HubSpot was expensive. We knew it would be nice to find an all-in-one tool for lead generation and email campaigns.

The solution

That’s when we heard about Snov.io. It seemed like a great service at a great value, so we decided to give it a try. We have now used Snov.io’s Email Finder and Email Drip Campaigns for 3 months and since then, it’s become an integral part of our sales strategy.

Using Snov.io extension, we were able to use LinkedIn to collect leads and personalize our email drip campaigns towards the person we need. This helped increase our conversions and sales.

We knew it would be nice to find an all-in-one tool for lead generation and email campaigns. That’s when we heard about Snov.io.

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The results

We have since launched over 10 drip email campaigns targeting around 7000 people with an average open rate of 40% and a response rate of 4%, increasing our sales and exposure. We now reach more people, easier.

The experience

Overall, with Snov.io we discovered new ways of lead generation through domains and LinkedIn. The Chrome extension for lead generation is my favorite tool. The whole Snov.io platform is easy-to-use and added great value to our business. I want to especially note the great customer service who has helped us when we had some minor issues.

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