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Access the largest database of B2B leads


company leads




data accuracy

Scale your business with improved lead generation

Don't put stable lead inflow on the back burner, your business can't thrive without it.


Expand your market

Want to venture into a new market? Snov.io lead gen tools will help you get ahead of the competition by delivering direct decision-maker contacts.


Cut cost-per-lead

Don't overpay for prospects - get more leads for less to improve ROI and scale your sales.


Boost revenue

More leads = more opportunities. Set up a funnel-filling automation to convert more prospects into loyal customers and grow recurring revenue effortlessly.


Minimize effort

Spend less time, money and effort into generating online leads that perfectly fit your ICP. Instead, route those resources into growing the business.


Maximize results

Reach the highest peak of lead generation productivity when you work with Snov.io tools. Set up in minutes and watch your pipeline get filled with relevant sales opportunities.


Manage better

It's not just about lead gen tools: get everything you need to keep your database clean and manage it better. It's included in the plan automatically.

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Expand your reach

Cover any desired niche by applying diversified lead generation methods.

Database Search
Filter hundreds of millions of leads to grab the best sales opportunities according to your ICP.
Database Search
Bulk Search
Waste no time filling your pipeline — collect verified leads in bulk. Whether you've got a list of companies, names or social profiles, Snov.io will find the people you need based on any data in one click.
Bulk Search
Email Search
Looking for a specific employee's contact? Type in their name and company and get a verified email.
Email Search
Technology Search
Enter a relevant tech solution and find companies that use it on their website.
Technology Search
Social Search
Got a link to your lead's social profile? It's enough for Snov.io to do its magic and find their email.
Social Search
Database Search
Find companies that might just become your next big client: set filters, from location to revenue, and collect B2B leads in bulk.
Database Search
LinkedIn Search
Collect direct email contacts of any LinkedIn lead or company. All prospects you collect are pre-verified, full of useful data and always accurate.
LinkedIn Search
Works on Sales Navigator

Harness LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a goldmine of business leads. Snov.io is your shortcut to them.

Save pre-verified, accurate contacts straight from LinkedIn search and profile pages. Build lists in one click and see how your pipeline fills with clients calling for your solution.

4.9 / 5 on Chrome Store

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Know everything about your lead to target better

Your leads will appreciate a personal touch. Collect full lead profiles and use the data for deeper personalization.

Know everything about your lead to target betterKnow everything about your lead to target better

Short on time and resources?

Get SQLs delivered right to your CRM and grow your business hassle-free. How? Hire a team of seasoned lead gen and outreach professionals from Brightest Minds.

Short on time and resources?Short on time and resources?

Explore more about lead generation

Ensure lead gen productivity with our latest guides and research

Entrust your success to a 5-star rated tool

Outsource lead generation. Focus on conversions.

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Frequently asked questions

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of collecting outbound and inbound leads. You can improve your lead generation with Snov.io. It offers all the tools necessary to collect leads' email addresses on websites, social networks, LinkedIn and Snov.io's own database. You can also upload your own inbound leads to Snov.io and organize them for further sales work. Collect your first 50 leads for free by signing up.

How much does one lead found with Snov.io cost?

In Snov.io, the larger the plan - the lower cost-per-lead. On our most popular Pro20K plan, it's only $0.007 per lead. For comparison, Apollo charges you $0.025/lead, while Lusha makes you pay $0.06/lead. You can also try out Snov.io and unlock a handful of powerful lead generation tools for free, with 50 free searches that renew every month.

Who needs lead generation service?

No business thrives without clients. Lead generation is your sure way of driving clients in the most cost-, peopleforce-, and time-efficient way. If you don't want to burden your business with the whole new process from scratch, delegate it to the team that knows every nitty-gritty of lead generation and ready to jump in right away.

Does Snov.io offer a comprehensive lead management system?

Snov.io offers dozens of business-growing tools, including the ones that will boost your lead generation and lead management. Collect leads' emails from anywhere online, organize them in lead lists, spot duplicates in one click, tag and enrich profiles for more personalization.

How can I generate sales leads with Snov.io?

Snov.io is a go-to instrument for generating sales leads in bulk from diversified resources. You can extract email addresses with a full profile data with the help of Email Finder tool, or collect leads on the go with top-rated Chrome extensions: LinkedIn Prospect Finder - to get leads from LinkedIn, and Email Finder - from any website or Google page.

How can I optimize lead generation on LinkedIn?

You can optimize your LinkedIn lead generation by automating the process, collecting pre-verified email addresses in bulk, and amplifying leads' accuracy. Install LI Prospect Finder to get the most lucrative B2B leads from LinkedIn in record time and of unparalleled quality.

What are good sales leads?

Here's how you determine if a lead is good enough to qualify as a potential buyer:

  1. You have enough data about them to personalize your approach.
  2. They match your Ideal Customer Profile.
  3. You can locate them in your Customer Journey Map.
  4. You can identify their pains and address them appropriately.
  5. They are cost-efficient.
  6. Your sales reps face no obstacles in working with them.

What are the five most efficient ways of lead generation?

You can generate leads faster, with minimum input and maximum output in these 5 proven ways:

  1. Collect warm leads from registration forms by offering something valuable in return. For example, you can offer a freemium or an ebook on a relevant topic.
  2. Save email addresses of relevant B2B leads from their LinkedIn profiles and search pages. It's very easy to do with a LinkedIn prospecting extension from Snov.io. Collect your first 50 decision-makers for free by installing LI Prospect Finder Chrome extension.
  3. Find verified email contacts on company websites and Google search pages. Email Finder Chrome extension makes collecting leads in bulk fast and simple.
  4. If you already have a list of companies you want to target, upload it to Snov.io and receive a list of verified decision-maker contacts using Snov.io's Bulk Domain Search.
  5. Know your ICP? That's enough to build a quality lead database! Explore millions of sales opportunities and find highly targeted leads by location, job position, industry, company size, revenue and more using Database Search.

Where can I get leads for free?

You can find over 50 free leads every month with Snov.io. To unlock a variety of lead gen tools and extensions simply sign up, it's free.

What is the easiest way to find leads?

The easiest way to find quality leads is through Snov.io email finder tools. Over 175,000 companies use Snov.io to find B2B leads in bulk and grow their sales. Try Snov.io for free and go pro whenever you want to scale your lead generation game.

Generate leads in bulk
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Snov.io lets you reduce cost-per-lead and fill your sales funnel faster with no outside help.

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