FAQ - Email Warm-up

Snov.io Email Warm-up prepares your email account for larger-than-usual sending volumes and avoiding ESP filters to guarantee good deliverability and inbox placement.

Below are the answers to the most common questions about it:

Q: How does it work?

A: It works by building (or recovering) your sender reputation through consistent email exchange with other warm-up users and positive email engagement. Your account will send and receive emails contributing to your sender reputation.

Q: What type of email accounts can I add for a warm-up? Which providers do you support? 

A: Email Warm-up supports the following email service providers:

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Warm-up feature is available without additional charge with every plan.

Q: What if I have email drip campaigns sending from the same account I wish to warm-up?

A: You can still run a warm-up for the same account but it requires using a separate scheduled hours to avoid errors. Learn more about managing schedules here

Q:How many mailboxes can I warm up at the same time? 

A: The amount of warm-up slots you have depends on your current pricing plan. The higher the tier, the more email accounts you can add with more warm-up emails sent daily. 

Plan Trial Starter Pro 5K Pro 20K Pro 50K Pro 100K
Email accounts 1 3 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Warm-up emails per day 15 50 100 200 500 1000

Note: If you’re a Teamwork user, the limits will be distributed across all team accounts.

For example, if your Team is on Pro 50K plan, every member is able to add their mailbox for a warm-up until the total number of warm-up slots reaches 12.

Q: Should I use the same email account as I do for my campaigns?

A: It’s considered a good practice to keep your account warmed up at all times. On the other hand, you can use one mailbox for active campaigns while warming up another mailbox to prepare it for good performance in outreach.

Q: Do warm-up emails count towards my daily sending limit?

A: Yes, emails sent from your mailbox during warm-up use your daily limit allowed by your ESP.

If you warm-up the same email account that also runs drip campaigns, keep in mind that warm-up emails don’t add up to a Used number in email account settings

Learn about email sending limits here

Q: Can I warm-up my email alias?

A: No, you can only add your primary email account.

Q: Do warm-up emails sent from my account to other users count towards a daily goal I set for my warm-up campaigns?

A: Yes, your email account will send replies to other warm-up users.

Daily sending goal and Emails per day warm-up settings will be a sum of all emails (initial and replies) your account will be sending. Both are equally good in terms of a warm-up efficiency. 

Q: Will my inbox be full of these warm-up emails?

A: We will create a separate “snov.io” folder in your email client and place all warm-up emails there within 10 minutes from their arrival. 

Q: Can I limit the number of emails I receive from other warm-up users?

A: No, but the number of emails you get from other participants will reduce as the warm-up network grows.

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