Email sending limits

We send all your emails through the email server of your linked mailbox so they appear as being sent directly from your email to your email provider. 

Since your email provider only lets you send a certain amount of emails, they may rate-limit your sending or suspend your account if you exceed their limits.

How to set up your daily sending goal in

Messages per day (or a daily goal) setting helps you to protect your email account and avoid suspension due to exceeding ESP limits while keeping your mailbox efficient and active.

To set your daily sending goal in 

Go to the Email Accounts page.

On Email list page:

  • Used  – indicates a number of emails you sent with this day (except warm-up emails)
  • Total – indicates the daily sending goal number (a maximum number of emails this mailbox sends daily) 

Choose a mailbox you would like to set or change your daily goal for.

Click Edit.

Find Messages per day box and enter your daily sending goal. 

Save the settings and see the number shown in Total next to your email record.

The daily limits of your email provider include all emails sent through Drip Campaigns, Email Warm-up, and all emails you send from the mailbox itself. 

If you send a high amount of emails directly from your email client and or your email account is being warmed up with, you should lower the Messages per day limit in

Learn how to start warming up your mailbox here.

Email service providers and their limit rate

Google, Microsoft, and other email service providers set sending limits to prevent extensive spamming activities.

While sending drips and warm-up campaigns via, keep in mind the recommended daily rate limits to avoid ESP lowering your allowed sending volume or suspending your account. 

Refer to the table below for rate limit examples per provider.

For example, Google Workspace’s maximum limit is 2000 emails per rolling 24-hour period.

ESP Limit per rolling 24-hour period Learn more
Gmail (free) Up to 500 emails  Google Help article
Google Workspace 2000 emails (500 emails on trial) Google Help article
Office 365 Outlook (free) Up to 300 emails (30 per minute) 
Microsoft Exchange (for business)  10000 emails (30 per minute)  Microsoft documentation

If your provider isn’t on the list, find it on our extended post about ESP limits

How to raise your sending limits

Remember that sender reputation plays a major role in determining your daily sending rate.

If you use a newly created account to send the amount close to a sending limit of your ESP, your mailbox will most likely be restricted under spamming suspicion. 

To achieve better sending performance, it requires a progressive buildup of emails you send and a good level of email engagement.

If you want to increase your Messages per day, the key is to do so gradually (around 50-100 emails more each week)  until you reach the desired number.

If you set your daily goal to a higher number than allowed by your ESP, we might not be able to send this amount. This is because your sending limit is set by your ESP and not

Messages per day setting is a way to control how many emails you send via our service. 

To increase your email sending capacity, consider these suggestions:

Premium plans allow you to link multiple email accounts so each of them has its own sending limit.

A warm-up will help you build a better reputation with your ESP so you’ll be able to send a larger volume of emails without being rate-limited or suspended.

What happens when you reach daily sending goal in

When you hit the Messages per day goal, queues all scheduled emails until the next available time to send when you’re under the daily goal limit (typically the next day) and automatically sends the rest of the emails.

This is the way our system is ensuring that you stay below ESP’s daily rate and don’t get suspended for sending a high amount of emails.

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