Connect your email account to

This article will teach you how to link your email account from any major email service provider to

With, you can integrate your business or personal mailbox and send email campaigns through your email provider’s servers. This way, you can have complete control over your sender account’s performance.

Let’s get started on adding your email account to!

Step 1: Go to the Email Accounts page

This page lists all the email accounts that you’ve added before or will add to

Step 2: Add a new email account

Click on the Add email account button to begin.

Choose your provider from the email service providers list. Choosing the right provider means your email settings page will include relevant help materials and will be pre-filled with the default server settings. 

Info: supports all major ESPs. If you cannot find your provider on the list, choose Other type to connect to any provider or custom email server via SMTP settings.

On the email account settings page, you’ll need to enter your SMTP and IMAP credentials to allow to connect to your email account and send emails on your behalf. 

Tip: Create an application password in your email client’s security settings if your provider gives this option and use it as the password in the SMTP settings to authorize the connection.

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