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1. What is an email drip campaign?

Email drip campaigns let you build and send automated email sequences, personalize them using variables and automate follow-up emails with conditional triggers. 

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2. What is a recipient? How many recipients can I add to my campaign? 

Recipient is a prospect who was added to an email campaign.

Your pricing plan determines how many prospects you can add to a campaign. 

On your account balance, there’s a Unique recipients quota which means the number of prospects you can add to a campaign within a month (or billing period).

The first email you send to a recipient in a given month costs 1 point – all follow-up emails are free until the end of the billing period.

3. My campaign is Active but no emails are being sent. Is there something wrong? 

Active means that your campaign was launched and is ready to start sending with a few exceptions: schedule and its timezone settings doesn’t allow it to start, you’ve reached your daily sending limit, your email account has connection issues.

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4. Can I change a sender account midway through a campaign? Can I update a linked mailbox in a campaign? 

Yes, you can edit a campaign after it was activated and switch to another sending email account.

Switching email accounts midway through will not allow us to track responses to emails sent by the previous sender.

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5. How to add new recipients to an ongoing Active campaign? Will they start the sequence from the beginning? 

As you add new prospects to a list associated with an active campaign, they will automatically enter a campaign and start the sequence from step one.

6. Can I set a sending limit for a specific campaign or a certain step in my sequence?

No, but you can set a daily sending limit for the email sender account linked to a campaign.

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7. How many emails can I send daily or monthly with email drip campaigns?

Daily limit solely depends on your own sender account limits determined by your ESP. Snov.io does not limit you in the number of emails you can send in a day or a month.

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8. How can I send email campaigns through Snov.io? Do you offer SMTP services? 

Snov.io doesn’t have own email servers and uses your email account servers for emailing. We support all major email service providers.

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9.  Does your email campaigns have unsubscribe link? 

In your campaign emails, you can include an unsubscribe link that allows recipients to opt out.

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10. Can I send any type of content to my prospects?

Your drip campaign may not be allowed to start if your email content touches on one of the following topics:

  • Loan offers
  • Selling contact lists, databases
  • Online casinos promotion
  • Adult-related content
  • Free gift offers

If email content in your campaign is deemed inappropriate, suspicious, offensive, or otherwise violating GDPR, CAN-SPAM Act, CCPA etc., we reserve the right to stop your campaign until clarification.

11. How can I stop a campaign for a particular recipient or unsubscribe them? 

To stop the sequence for a specific prospect, you can change the recipient status to Paused.

  • Open Recipients tab on your campaign overview page
  • Select a prospect
  • Click Change status and select Paused

13. Can I schedule my email drip campaign to send only on weekdays? 

Yes, you can set a schedule for your campaign depending on the best time to send emails and the recipient’s time zone. You can set the days (Mon-Sun) and time-zone specific time frames.

14. Do you support HTML email templates? 

You can insert a pre-built HTML source code in the email campaign editor to send an email template you built with other services.

15. How can I send a follow-up after I get a response? 

By default, email sequences stop after your prospect replies to you. You can continue communicating with them via your email client or from a prospect’s profile in Snov.io.

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16. In order to build an engaging sequence, how can I do it?

You can incorporate trigger elements that reflect recipient behaviour and let you create engaging sequences based on prospect actions and level of engagement.

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17. What are the ways I can track my campaign’s performance?

Inbuilt tracking options allow you to monitor campaign statistics, including open rate, reply rate, click rate, unsubscribe rate, and bounce rate.

You can also start A/B testing campaigns to find out which email variants perform better.

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