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What is an email drip campaign?

An email drip campaign is an email sequence with which you can send automated campaigns with a number of predefined follow-up emails that are sent a) during a certain period of time or b) depending on specific recipient actions to convert your target audience. Multiple follow-ups have shown to be a great way to improve conversion rate. With Snov.io, you can enhance your email marketing results through drip email campaigns.

How can I use Snov.io Email Drip Campaigns?

With Snov.io Email Drip Campaigns you can launch personalized campaigns and automate follow-up emails, create an email thread for new contacts, optimize your outreach, help your sales with cold and inbound campaigns, nurture leads and much more. 

Do you send drip emails from your own service? 

Snov.io sends emails on behalf of you, from your own Gmail/Google Workspace, SMTP, Exchange or Outlook account. This is the best way to let you manage your own email reputation and maintain your email campaigns personal and human-like.

Are there any limits on how many emails you can send? 

The email sending limit depends on the email account you’re sending your messages from. Learn more about the daily limit for sending emails with SMTP and Gmail email accounts in Snov.io here, as it varies from the daily limit of free email service providers. You can check out your sending limit per day when you add an account to our system, as we will display it automatically in the Email Accounts tab in your Snov.io account.

You can also find the email sending limits of popular ESPs in our article to find the one that meets your needs.

How much does it cost? 

Snov.io plans start at $39/month for 5000 recipients. Get 100,000 recipients on our XXL plan for only $738/month. Try our email drip campaigns totally for free with a freemium plan that provides 100 renewable recipients every month.

Are there any limits on the number of campaigns I can launch or emails per recipient? 

Depending on your plan, you are only limited in the number of recipients. You can launch as many email campaigns and send as many emails to those recipients as you wish.

Can I send an email campaign for free? 

Definitely! Snov.io’s freemium provides 100 recipients every month. You can send as many campaigns and emails to these 100 recipients as you want.

What is a recipient? 

A recipient is a unique email address to which you have not yet sent an email at a particular billing period. As soon as the email to the recipient is sent, they are counted into your quota and you can send as many emails or campaigns to them as you want that month. Recipients are renewed every 30 days.

Can I use Snov.io Drip Campaigns for my newsletter? 

Yes, Snov.io Drip Campaigns can be used for both inbound and outbound email campaigns. Using our open, click and delay triggers, you can create any kind of email sequences according to your needs. We also provide the Unsubscribe option and support HTML emails.

Can I let my recipients unsubscribe? 

For sure! You can insert an unsubscribe link into your email or signature.

Do you have email templates? 

Yes, we have email templates available for both free and premium accounts. You can use both multipurpose templates and templates for specific purposes like post-conference follow-up, blogger outreach, sales, etc. We also have templates of complete email drip campaigns that you can launch after filling out your company/offer-specific variables.

Can I schedule my Drip Campaign? 

Yes, you can set a schedule for your campaign depending on the best time to send emails and the recipient’s time zone. You can set the days (Mon-Sun) and time-zone specific time frames.

Do you have triggers? 

Yes. Snov.io Drip Campaigns offer two types of triggers – Email Opened and Link Clicked. You can use these triggers to create elaborate email sequences according to the recipient’s actions and level of interest.

Do you track link clicks and replies?

Yes. You can track link clicks to follow your recipients’ actions. When a reply is received, Snov.io detects it and automatically stops the campaign for the recipient who replied by default. 

Do you have a detailed guide on how to use Snov.io Drip Campaigns and launch a campaign? 

Of course! Check our detailed guide here. You can additionally watch a short video guide on how to build an email drip campaign. For more specific questions and step-by-step instructions to performing certain actions visit our Knowledgebase. 

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