A Complete Guide To Snovio Drip Campaigns

    We have just launched our new automated triggered campaigns feature – Drip Campaigns, an exciting tool for building your own drip campaigns with a drag-and-drop campaign building system, real-time statistics, and so much more.

    In this article we will give you a step by step instruction to using this feature and building an automated drip campaign – from collecting email addresses to launching a complex campaign to target your prospects, all on a single platform.

    1. Create An Email List

    Before you can start a campaign, you need to create a list of emails to which your campaign will be sent. On your Snovio dashboard, navigate to the left side, where you will see the Add List button.

    Click on "+Add list"

    Click it, and a pop-up window will open up. In the pop-up window name your list. Try to associate your list name with the kind of emails you have or the campaign you’ll use it for.

    Examples: UI/UX Designers, PHP Developers, Crypto Experts etc.

    Fill the "List name" field

    Once you’ve named your list, press Add list. You will be automatically redirected to the list you’ve just created.

    2. Fill Your List With Email Addresses

    Now that we have our list, we need some emails in it. It’s likely that you already have a list of potential leads, so you will need to import it. Find the Import from file option.

    Click on "Import from file" link

    Click on it and a pop-up window will appear. Here you will be able to import an external file with all your email addresses to your list. You can upload your file in different formats:

    • Excel
    • CSV
    • TXT

    Click on Choose File, navigate to your file’s folder and press Upload to add file to your Snovio dashboard. Make sure your list is in one of the accepted formats.

    Choose how to import your data from the file

    After uploading your emails, you have an option to enrich your email addresses with extra information like first name, last name, position and company name, for better targeting. Here are the options you can choose from:

    • Proceed with emails only.
    • Add full profile information (name, job title etc). Costs 1 credit per email.
    • Do a full profile data search test with 10 emails. Free of charge.

    At this point you should have a list of emails in your profile, ready to be used for a campaign. If you haven’t verified your email list prior to uploading, you can use Email verifier on your dashboard to clean your list from invalid, abandoned or dubious email addresses, to save money on sending and improve your delivery rate.

    Click on "Verify Email"

    If you don’t yet have a list of leads, you can use Snovio to build your own list of email addresses via dashboard tools or with the help of our Chrome extension. We have created detailed illustrated guides on finding leads through a list of domains, on any webpage with our Email Finder Chrome Extension, or even through a list of names.

    3. Create A New Campaign

    We are done with our email list, and now we have everything we need to create a campaign. At the top of your dashboard find the Campaigns feature and click on it.

    Click on "CAMPAIGNS" at the top

    On this page you will see your Campaigns list. It’s empty now, but we’ll make sure that by the end of this guide you will have a campaign up and running. This Campaigns list also stores your campaign’s history and statistics on every single campaign you launch. We will talk more about the statistics later in the article. To create a campaign click New drip campaign on the left side of the screen. You will be taken to the Campaign creation window. This is where you will be building your campaign. But first, fill in the basic information about your campaign in the sidebar on the left.

    Click on "New drip campaign"

    4. Basic Campaign Settings

    Fill the "Campaign name" field

    Type in the name of your campaign. Again, choose the name wisely, it should reflect the goals you are trying achieve and remind you what this campaign is about. Avoid names like Campaign 1, Campaign 2 etc., to minimize any confusion.

    Next, choose an email account that will be used for sending the campaign. You can choose one of the existing accounts from the list, or, if you haven’t set one up yet, add a new email account. Once your email account is ready, you can continue with the settings. You don’t have to add an email account to build and save a campaign, but you will need a valid email account to launch it.

    Our Drip Campaigns feature offers a couple of options to improve campaign deliverability and open rate:

    • In case prospect has multiple email addresses, send to:

    Some prospects might have multiple email addresses, which is why we are offering you a choice to send your campaign to All emails, so your message will be delivered to every single email attached to the prospect, or choose First email, and send your message to the first, and usually the primary, email address.

    • Do not send to:

    To improve your deliverability, you can also choose not to send the campaign to email addresses that haven’t been verified or have been marked as Catch-all emails. Catch-all emails receive all messages that have been sent to a certain email address, but for some reason haven’t reached it. They are usually garbage collectors, and you won’t miss out on anything by not sending your campaign to these.

    5. Drip Campaign Components

    Your drip campaign will consist of different components, or steps, all connected to each other in a certain order. In Snovio drip campaign builder you will see four components – Start, Email, Trigger and Goal.

    You can choose triggers, goals and emails components from the right window

    • Start

    Start is only used once at the beginning of the campaign. Click on Start, and in the sidebar on the right choose the list of emails that will be used for this campaign. You can choose the list we have just created, or any other list from your dashboard. Note that your campaign will be sent to every email added to this list, before the launch of the campaign or in the future. You can exclude specific emails from the list to disable the campaign for these recipients.

    Choose your list name to start

    • Email

    Email is the main part of your campaign. It is how you will interact with the receiver and the only thing the receiver will see about you. It will contain a message that all recipients on the list will receive. Snovio drip campaign builder uses the same structure as any newsletters emails, so you can use your template in this campaign.

    Your email will consist of the subject line and the main body of the message. Make your subject line intriguing and carefully choose your words to make the recipient interested in opening your message. The body will contain the main message of the campaign. You can add custom attributes to your campaign.

    Create an email

    Snovio offers you several ways to customize your message. You can add Custom Attributes like First Name and Last Name to both the subject line and the main body. If you add user attributes in your message, but the data isn’t available, a blank space will be added instead of the attribute.

    Add custom attributes (optional)

    You can also add trackable links in your message. To do this, click on the link icon in the email window and add your link. Make sure to use the icon – if you copy-paste the link into the email, the link will not be tracked.

    • Trigger

    Trigger is the component of the campaign that automates it. Trigger is activated as soon as the recipient of the message performs a certain action. Depending on the action, the next step of the campaign is activated. You can set up a timer for the next step.

    Currently there are two types of triggers:

    • Contact opened email
    • Contact clicked the link in the email

    If the recipient performed the trigger-action, the step connected to the yes condition will be activated in the amount of time you set in the trigger. If the trigger-action was not performed, the step connected to the no condition will be activated. This can be an end of the campaign for this recipient, or perhaps another email.

    Add trigger

    • Goal

    This is the endpoint of your campaign. Here you define the goal you are trying to achieve with your campaign. Once the campaign ends, you will be able to see how many times this particular goal has been reached.

    Once the goal has been reached, the emails for this recipient will stop.

    Add a goal

    6. Chaining The Components

    Your campaign won’t work unless you connect the components together in a way that will make sense for your campaign.

    Create an email campaign by linking blocks

    The campaign always begins with the Start, as it establishes the recipients of our campaign.

    Next, you should have an Email: make sure your first email really stands out, this is your first and biggest chance to convert your leads. Connect the two by dragging a line between the connection points of the element boxes.

    To create an automatically triggered campaign, you’re going to need a Trigger. Connect your email to the trigger. Unlike other elements, trigger has two connection points – yes and no. This allows you to personalize your approach depending on the recipient’s reaction to your email. If the recipient opened your email or clicked on the link (yes trigger option) you can connect another email to this trigger option and reflect the recipient’s interest in your message to push them further towards your goal.

    And finally, we have a Goal. Goal component only has one connection point, it ends the campaign and gathers statistics.

    If you accidentally leave your campaign window without saving – don’t worry. Our autosave will retrieve the last draft of your campaign the next time you open the campaign window and offer you to either restore the unsaved edits or dismiss them.

    Create complete drip email campaign

    The picture above illustrates only a fraction of what you can achieve using Snovio’s Drip Campaigns. You can build any campaign – from super simple to extra complex multi-element one with multiple triggers, branches and goals. The only limit is your imagination.

    7. Launch Your Campaign and Follow Statistics

    Once you’ve built your perfect campaign, you can relax. There’s only one thing left – click Save and Start.

    Click on "Save and start"

    This will launch your campaign. You will be redirected to the Campaigns list, where you can follow the statistics for your campaign. Here you will also see all the basic information:

    • Campaign name
    • Name of the email list the campaign is sent to
    • Campaign creation date

    Under Report you can track real-time statistics of your outgoing campaign:

    • Amount of emails sent
    • Emails opened by the recipient
    • Amount of clicks on your links

    Status shows whether your campaign is currently active, paused, finished, or new and unlaunched.

    Check the status of your drip campaign

    If the email account you’ve chosen for sending the campaign becomes invalid for any reason, your campaign will be paused and you will receive an email notification. This can happen if you’ve reached the server send limit for the day or changed your email password. Once the problem is fixed, you will be able to resume the campaign in the campaign window.

    If necessary, you can edit your campaign even after it’s been launched. To do this you will have to pause your campaign first. After all the edits have been made, you can resume your campaign.

    Advice and Tips

    This tool is meant to help you automate your outreach, make it easier to build and customize your campaigns, improve your rates and improve your workflow. But in the end of the day, it’s only a tool, and YOU are the only one who is responsible for the success of your campaign. Which is why we want to share some tips and advice to make sure every campaign you send is perfect:

    Study in depth how successful campaigns are built and evolve your methods and approaches with each campaign. Implement new ideas, but never forget the golden rules.

    You have everything you need to build a great campaign. We hope you use our Drip Campaign tool to take your marketing to the next level. Many more features and updates are in the works.

    Good luck and enjoy!

    A Complete Guide To Snovio Drip Campaigns
    Yaroslav Panyok is an author and researcher for Snovio Labs, providing readers with unique insights into marketing. Passionate about data, email marketing, and pizza, Yaroslav creates articles of any scale and complexity to compile research into something worth dedicating your time to. He is also a proud owner of a red fluffy furball named Ginger.


    1. If only I could add my original email signature

      1. Hi, Hesam! We’re excited to let you know that html emails will soon be available in drip campaigns, meaning you’ll be able to add your custom email signature!

    2. How do we unsubscribe a email from our campaign or remove from campaign without removing from list?

      1. Hi, Sysamone! Click on the Status button next to the recipient’s name and in the drop-down menu select Pause. You can find more details about this in our Knowledgebase article here.
        Let us know if you have any more questions! 🙂

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