Dana Rudenko

Dana Rudenko is the chief editor at Snovio Labs, bringing you the freshest marketing content and exclusive insights from the world's most successful startups. In her free time you can find her creating playlists, gardening, or googling dogs in cowboy costumes.
Integrate Your Favorite Apps With Snov.io: Zapier Integration Is Here

Integrate Your Favorite Apps With Snov.io: Zapier Integration Is Here

Everything you wanted to know about Snov.io and Zapier Integration and how it will help your business progress.

A Complete Guide To Emoji For Emails

A Complete Guide To Emoji For Emails

Emoji for emails: is that fun or necessity? Let’s discover what profs and statistics say about it.

How To Create A Perfect Email Template: An Interview With Stripo CEO Dmitry Kudrenko

Stripo CEO Dmitry Kudrenko talks about how to create a perfect email template.

How To Put Together And Manage Your Startup Team: An Interview With Yaytrade

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cold email formulas with examples

10 Failproof Cold Email Formulas (Free Ebook Download)

Cold emailing is no longer a disaster: get some cold email formulas to boost conversions. Ebook is a special perk.

Best Email Tracker

Best Email Tracker Of 2021: A Comparison

Find your best email tracker of 2021: a comparison post will help you choose among the best options.

How To Grow Your Client List By The Hour: An Interview With Top Digital Agency CEO Goran Deak

We interviewed Top Digital Agency CEO Goran Deak to find out what’s the best way to generate first international clients.

Interview With Melior.AI

What You Need To Know If You Are Bootstrapping Your Startup: An Interview With Melior.AI

Here’s what every startup needs to know before development and how to get your first client with only an idea.

How To Win 6 Pitch Competitions In A Year: An Interview With Empath CSO Hazumu Yamazaki

We spoke to Empath CSO Hazumu Yamazaki to find out what it takes to win not one, not two, but SIX international pitch competitions in a year.